During the time when my boyfriend and I shared a car, I got used to listening to talk radio during my morning commute. At first, the voices would drone on in the background, teasing my coma-like state on the drive through hellish traffic. However, after a few weeks, I thoroughly looked forward to our morning drives, as we would always debate our points on the political topics being spoken of. We’re pretty much your non-cheating, cigar-free version of the Clinton’s.

Now that I am a solo rider again, I still find myself tuning-in to talk radio on the way to work. I suppose it gives me something to talk about during forced elevator conversations. Just one of the perks of being in the corporate world, but that’s another story for another day.

While I was listening to debates this morning, I couldn’t help but feel completely overwhelmed and disappointed all at once. There is absolutely no positivity and no collaboration among our political leaders and candidates. To put it delicately, it’s a shitshow. My mind began to wander to all the areas of the world I could move to, just to escape the political debates that are going to be ruthless and endless through the end of the year.

What type of person would I be if I didn’t share my runaway plan? Selfish and rudey-attitudey, that’s what. So behold, an amazing list of ten places we can all run to if [read: “when”] Obama and Romney finally tear off their shirts (1990’s WWF style) and someone lays down a chokeslam.

Let’s runaway together… but my vote is for Canada.

10 Best Places to Escape World Conflict

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