I’m deathly afraid of horses. Don’t worry, I’m not about to travel into some horrific, traumatic childhood story where I was injured by a crazed horse. In all honesty, I have no idea where my fear comes from. Maybe it’s just the fact that horses are prone to being a wee bit unstable, folks.

After stumbling upon the above picture, I started thinking about my experiences with horses. Overall, they’ve been positive. Well, until recently. My boyfriend and I went on a summer afternoon date to a local farm sanctuary. The farm was home to abused and abandoned animals. (Just melts your heart, doesn’t it?) The host warned us about some new horses at the farm that were still getting used to humans. Within minutes of nearing one of the horses, they decided to bolt over the fence and almost take me outOkay, maybe it wasn’t that close of a call, but you try living through it!

Despite this fear, I’ve found that I have an overwhelming amount of horse photographs through my travels. Considering how much I adore the WordPress world, I thought: Hey! Why not be kooky and share these wonderful memories!

I met this beauty in Amish Country, Pennsylvania. When I tried to pet her, she smacked my hand away with her massive nose/mouth conglomeration. As if I was treating her like a cheap bar date or something!

Sometimes I hang out with albino horses at King Richard’s Faire.

Other horses were stuck at a circus with a terrible, horrid, nipping dog on their back. For me to describe a dog like that says a lot, considering my massive love for pooches.

This was a nice, mild-mannered pony friend at a local farm where the boyfriend and I picked strawberries. This pony knew his please and thank you’s.

My favorite horse of all time. Despite her odd phallic chest, she was swellI don’t care to mention she was a fake model in an Armory Museum, okay?! Get off my back, I’m opening up about my horse fear here, people.

And lastly, the attack horse from the farm sanctuary. This was just moments before my life flashed before my eyes!

So, there it is. My odd attraction to and fear of horses. There’s no judgement passed upon the equine, and I do enjoy just looking at them. As Steve McQueen said, “When a horse learns to buy martinis, I’ll learn to like horses.

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