As suspected, when I returned to work Tuesday morning, the anger and early depression set in. Back to work, after a mere four days off. Instead of being a negative nancy, I proactively worked to conquer this misery. During my “vacation“, I actively captured moments that I enjoyed.

After returning to work, it’s easy to feel like your time off carelessly fell away with minimal happiness and activity. I often struggle with appreciation. (I’m a big girl; I can admit my faults.) While I easily appreciate a moment in the moment, within a day’s time the moment flees my memory and happiness bank. I’m all about self-growth; I purposely challenged myself to stop in the moment, take a photograph, and realize that the moment is permanent… not fleeing like my ability to fake interest in work-place conversations.

Appreciation #1: Enjoying a morning cup of coffee (without rushing around to get ready for work, while cursing the latest Pinterest hair-do idea I attempted. This usually results in a tangled mess, which is a far cry from the glorious locks of these mysterious Pinterest women.)

Appreciation #2: Reading my school work, with a beautiful view, right down the street from my house. While I often read on my lunch breaks at a local park, to quietly sip your Mocha Madness with no time-crunch is an amazing feeling.

Appreciation #3: Going to the grocery store on a Friday night and not caring about the crowds and the rush.

Appreciation #4: Taking it old school and enjoying the CD’s in my new-to-me car. (P.S. – RIP My “Beast“. Don’t worry, this new car, Betty, is taking pretty good care of me!)

Appreciation #5: Wasting two hours on a terrible movie… and not giving a damn!

Appreciation #6: Spending time with my mom’s new puppy, Hunter.

Appreciation #7: Sleeping in until 11:15AM… teenage style.

Appreciation #8: Finally taking the few hours to completely re-organize and clean through the laundry room. Damn, I did good.

Appreciation #9: Sipping on my first pumpkin iced coffee of the season. (Pretty much an orgasmic experience, by the way.)

Only nine notes of appreciation?! Feeling short-changed? Okay, okay. My tenth appreciative moment during my mini-vacation was something that couldn’t be captured on film. My last appreciation: Knowing in just another month, I have four days off. A legendary four days off. Why, you may ask? Not only do I have four days off from work, but those four days are also during a small one week break from my Master’s program (holy moly, no schoolwork?!)… and my love and I are going away.

Appreciation #10 clearly wins.

One response to “Appreciation.

  1. Your laundry room looks fabulous. And good for you, taking a moment to appreciate the little things. You inspire me HLM!

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