In the wise words of George Michael, “I gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith.” Faith is an enigmatic aspect of life. Don’t worry, I’m not about to go all holy roller on you. Stick with me here, grasshoppers. Honestly, what is faith? I suppose it depends on whom you ask. If you ask the good ol’ trust-worthy Wikipedia, faith is: “A belief in a god or gods or in the doctrines or teachings of the religion.” Scooch on over and bug Webster for an opinion, and you’ll find that faith is: “an allegiance to duty or a person.” Or, depending on your taste, you can ask Urban Dictionary and find that faith is: “A very nice girl who has a really good sense of humor and loves to have fun.”

Really, Urban?! Faith is a nice girl? Get it together, even Christopher Walken has had enough.

I don’t think that faith really fits any of these definitions. In fact, I’d be bold enough to say I think Wiki, Web, and Urb should all take a hike. To me, faith is the internal feeling that gets you through the hard days, makes you feel warm and thankful for the good days, and fills all the times in between when you’re just enjoying the stagnancy that life can offer.

I know you may be thinking I’ve lost my nuts and bolts in wishing for stagnancy, but again, grasshoppers… have some faith in me. No pun intended, of course. After a rocky day week month year so far, I’ve been looking at faith differently these days.

Faith is the internal feeling that gets you through the hard days: Just to zone in on this week, let me give some samplers of this definition of faith. I’ve had an insanely busy work week, including a new boss and increased reports to accomplish for the corporate department. Add in the fact that I loathe my workplace on a good day, and you will begin to feel my Tuesday anger. On Tuesday, I finally found thirty minutes to sneak away from the stress during my “lunch break” and take a drive. While driving back from the mini-break from work, a car in the other lane drifted and almost hit me head on. Talk about bad flashbacks to the death of the beastI briefly thought “Wow, I’m so lucky that car didn’t hit me.. I can’t imagine what my boyfriend and I would do if the car wasn’t working.” And apparently that was a welcoming gesture to the universe. I pull into a parking spot, go to turn the key, and… nothing. The car literally refuses to be shut off. Talk about shitty manners. I finally get the key out and everything goes down from there. Let’s just say, the car is sitting in my work parking lot, dead as a door-nail, waiting to be towed. Oh! Did I mention our other car just got out of the shop and is waiting to be re-registered? You, yes you, too, can be a math wizard! This little, fun scenario left us with: 0 cars. Despite wanting to fall apart into a million tears at the mere thought of the financial shit-show that just unfolded, I took a deep breath, went back to work, and tried my damnedest to believe that everything would work out. Lo and behold, I got through that day.

Faith is what makes you feel warm and thankful for the good days: While I’ve outlined the fun-festival my week has been so far, I failed to mention something. Faith was working double-time that day. Yes, the car was dead. Yes, it was pulling demonic tricks by turning on and off itself. And yes, I am still trying to figure out how to explain to my bank account the negative dip it’s going to take. But, where there is darkness, there is light. The day the the car died, not one, or two, but three people came to help out. My boyfriend’s friend came first with jumper cables and a helpful hand. Soon after, my new boss stepped in to help. When the jumper cables didn’t work, and we accepted the temporary dead state of the car… my step-father came in to the rescue, loaning us his truck until we get back on our feet with our car. Negativity may have tempted me that day, but faith brought out the good in several different people, making me realize how blessed I really am.

Faith fills all the times in between when you’re just enjoying the stagnancy that life can offer: Whether we are riding life’s highs, or trudging through life’s lows, sometimes it’s nice to just beThe high’s and low’s can be emotionally draining, and sometimes just floating through life is what the soul needs. So, where does faith fall into these moments? Faith that you deserve the good times that are, and faith that you will get through to the other side of any bad times to come.

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