DIY Craft: Halloween Decorative Bowls.

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a seat, and prepare yourself for the majestic qualities of project four in the Pin It Do It Challenge.

Years ago, I came across a pendant necklace that was perfect for me. The pendant read She’s crafty, sassy, and a little bad assey. This project challenge put my craftiness to the test.

The original pin for these adorable candy bowls came from Kim at The Celebration Shoppe. Looking over the list of materials needed, I couldn’t help from having my feathers ruffled at the idea of spending more than $10.00 on this project. You know what that means: time for substitutions!

What You Need:
– 1 medium circular glass bowl
– 1 small circular glass bowl
– 1 small square glass bowl
– 3 glass candlestick holders
– Glue sticks and a glue gun; or super glue
– 1 roll of electrical tape
– Scissors

Start with your three bowls and three candlesticks. I purchased all of mine at The Dollar Treewhere wishes are made and dreams come true. You also typically get to enjoy awkward conversations with the crazy old lady who works at the register.

Glue each bowl on a candlestick. I used a gel version of super glue found at The Dollar Tree. You can substitute and use a hot glue gun, but I always burn my fingertips and crumble into a pile of foul words. If you choose to follow in my footsteps with the super glue, let the bowls dry for about one hour.

Begin cutting the electrical tape and making your designs! You literally cannot mess this project up — it’s idiot-proof. Since we are using electrical tape instead of paint or vinyl, you can easily peel and rearrange your decorations. (Sidenote – My cat is completely loving this project as well, showing her sleepy support in the background!)

Ta da! The finished product! You can fill these decorative Halloween candy bowls in any way you’d like. I opted for cost-effective dyed coffee filters. However, you can also fill these bowls with candy, marbles, stones, etc.

The Halloween decorative bowls made a great addition in decoration next to my Halloween Coffee Filter Flowers.

5 responses to “DIY Craft: Halloween Decorative Bowls.

  1. Eep! I love the white one with a ghost face. And these and definitely dangerous if you fill them all with candy. Too much temptation. Posts like these really make me wish we celebrated Halloween in Finland too, it would be so much fun!

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  4. Very cute! I hate glue guns!

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