Oppa Is Gangnam Style.

During a time of stressful presidential debates, reports nationally of bullying, and a near-fatal (ahem, not really) earthquake, Psy came in to save the day just when we needed it most.

This foot-tapping, shoulder-bumping beat has taken the entire world by surprise, resulting in a universal obsession with these horse-inspired dance moves. We’ve quickly learned that it is not solely tragedies that bring together people; a musical beat you can’t deny brings you closer to your fellow humans.

Several months ago, my guy showed me Psy’s youtube video, before it hit big. I remember watching in amazement and amusement at the silliness. I never would have thought the song would become the universal hit that it has.

York University students gladly take a break from their studies to take part in this universal craze.

Who says inmates don’t have fun? Pssh.

There’s no judgement or hesitation… even animals want a piece of this dance movement.

Now before your big boo-hoo lip comes out, because you have yet to master these intricate dance moves, ask yourself this: Have I ever left you out in the dark, with no hope to move forward on? Clearly not.

My personal favorite tutorial for the Gangnam Style dance.

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