Goodbye, Sweet October.

With much sadness and nostalgia, we bid adieu to October today while welcoming November. October is my favorite month of the year and I look forward to it annually. Considering how quickly October flees us, I made sure to make the most of the month, enjoying it to the last drop.

While saying goodbye to the month, I will also be offering a parting beauty queen wave to the Pin It Do It Challenge, hosted by Trish at Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity. I dedicated a ‘Pinterested‘ level, committing to complete 4-7 pins. The challenge was oodles of fun, pushing me to complete different recipes and crafts I had put off for over a year. The Pin It Do It Challenge resulted in:

Baked Apple Streusel

Baked Autumn Donuts

Crockpot Sesame Chicken

Coffee Filter Flowers

Halloween Decorative Bowls

What else did October bring your way? Oh, let’s make a list and fulfill my inner OCD tendencies!

1. I cried silently over my dreams: Modern-Day Robin Leach: Childhood Wishes and Adult Dreams.
2. We chatted about rude people and dead cats: Random Thoughts: Unfollowing.
3. I tantalized your eyes with: Autumn’s Musings.
4. Contemplated becoming a tree-hugger: Trees of Life.
5. The blog was nominated for an award!: One Lovely Blog? Aww, Gosh.
6. Found: The Presidential Debate You’d Want To Watch.
7. I leaned toward the serious side and asked: Aren’t Bullies Bored by Now?
8. We scoffed at: The Boston Earthquake…?
9. I shared a free chapter of my memoir: A Writing Flashback.
10. Took part in the international craze: Oppa Is Gangam Style.
11. I updated women to what rules we actually are supposed to live by: This Is A Man’s World.
12. I told a scary story: In Honor of All Hallow’s Eve.

Looking over that long list, I am feeling more and more productive, proud, and powerful! Hear me roar! Just to add a big, fat cherry on top of my October cake, I woke up to a wonderful email this morning. Leeswammes’ Blog hosted the Literary Blog Hop Giveaway. I entered the contest on a few different blogs, but was truly hoping to win an advanced, signed copy of “The Death of Bees” by Lisa O’Donnell.

Well, the contest ended Halloween night and I received an email this morning letting me know I did in fact win! Thank you, thank you, you’ve all been too kind.

Goodbye October, you’ve been one hell of a ride.

2 responses to “Goodbye, Sweet October.

  1. Love this post! October is always my favorite month, too. 😦 At least we’ve got turkey in our future!

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