What Is Reality?

Paranormal and oddity-type shows have overtaken my life. From Destination Truth, to The Haunted, to Fact or Faked, I certainly have curled up and made myself at home in this odd genre of television. Since my bizarre television patterns have started, I find myself questioning what I know more and more. Let me put this out there: I was completely engaged in a conversation last night with my guy about alien existence and the government. No, I’m not shitting you and I am equally as concerned about my sudden conspiracy theorist life turn.

Okay, maybe my television watching isn’t on that level, but it’s still interesting to question what reality is, and what we are told reality is. With these thoughts playing flashlight tag in my noggin, I came across an absolutely perfect link share for you all.

Daniel Kukla, a photographer, was moseying along in the desert when he began ‘The Edge Effect’ project. I may have *slightly* simplified the project’s creation, but that’s okay. This photography project took place in Joshua Tree National Park in California. Kukla perfectly captures desert images that toy with the human mind.

Photographs of Mirrors on Easels that Look Like Paintings in the Desert via PetaPixel

While checking out his work, my mind dragged behind me trying to establish whether I was looking at a painting, a photograph, or a reflection. Too bad Kukla spoils the game by admitting the photographs are of reflections from mirrors on easels. Talk about a party pooper.

5 responses to “What Is Reality?

  1. I spotted one of your comments over at Chris Martin’s site. I was taken by your obsession with correct spelling and wanting to learn new words. You are a girl after my own linguistic heart. I’m a bit rushed today, but I’m impressed with what I’ve skimmed. Must remember to visit again, soon.

    • Why, thank you very much! Welcome 🙂 I am heading over to your blog to check it out and follow as well. Any one who loves words is a friend of mine.

      • Thanx very much for signing up to follow my posts. I tend to write in the vernacular, for the anticipated average level of my readers. There will be slang, and intentional misusage for humor. Counting my own, every post will be Spellchecked at least three times, and I usually throw in at least one eight-dollar word for the interested few to look up. I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings.

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