Christmastime is Here.

Every holiday season I look forward to the day I “Christmasize” the home. Considering my apartment is a glorified shoe box, there’s not a whole lot of room to decorate. I focus most of my decorations and cheer in the living room; when my family comes over Christmas night, I love gathering around in the soft glow of the tree.

christmas decorations

christmas decor

mini christmas tree

christmas living room

christmas tree

christmas at night

Have you decorated your home yet?

4 responses to “Christmastime is Here.

  1. This year has been crazy so all we’ve done is put up our tree. Your apartment looks lovely!

  2. The tree is gorgeous! I had to settle for a tiny tabletop ceramic tree this year. I have no room for anything bigger. You think YOUR apartment is a shoebox? You should see mine! Sheesh 🙂

    • Aww, tabletop trees are beautiful too 🙂 The majority of room I have in my apartment is in the living room — thank goodness, otherwise I would have had a Clark Griswald-esque tree. Happy Holidays!

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