Year End Blog Poll.

Over the past year, I continually find myself between a rock and a hard place with this blog. For now, the blog covers various topics/categories that I enjoy:

Books – Book reviews and items to tickle bookophile’s fancy
Crafts – Step-by-step DIY projects
Photography – My pictures
Quotations – Random quotations
Recipes – Step-by-step recipes that are simple and delicious
Writing – My writing and thoughts
Links – Links to other websites and blogs I’ve stumbled across

However, with seven different categories covered by the blog, I often feel the blog is lacking focus. While it’s easy for me to assume any viewers would understand this blog is about different items that make me happy and are typical to find on a 20-something blog, I also know that when I visit others’ blogs, the ‘purpose’ of the blog can be overridden by the various categories presented.

On top of this, I originally started this blog to meet other bloggers and writers. I’ve been writing a novel that I hope to have published or self-published in the next few years. When I originally started posting, my posts were typically all writing with a few link shares or quotations thrown in. Now as my readers know, the posts are often recipes and crafts first, and writing mixed in. I haven’t purchased the domain yet either because I feel I need to hone my focus before going official.

After several discussions with my boyfriend about my blog and what the focus of the blog should be, I’ve decided to turn it over to the readers. Who better to ask?! I’ve included four polls below, looking for some guidance from all of you to see what you wish you could see more of, less of, or what would improve your experience with The Siren’s Tale.

Thank you, readers!

5 responses to “Year End Blog Poll.

  1. Happy New Year! Hope you find happiness and fulfillment in your blog’s direction!

  2. It’s so hard to keep a blog focused! I have a preference for book blogs and tend to visit blogs devoted to reading and writing more frequently than other blogs, but I love a personal touch that weaves a range of subjects into the posts (including photography, crafts, recipes, etc). Good luck figuring out the direction of your blog! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. It’s hard to find that perfect balance. In some cases books and only books are ok, but when it’s a personal blog I enjoy a little personal stuff spilling over. I try to keep my blog two-thirds books and the rest my personal interests… photography, birds, gardening, etc. You will go crazy if you try to do a niche blog for each interest.

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