The Union of Cat Ladies.

While most people were waking to prepare for work this morning, I got to enjoy a lovely day off having my cat spayed. Or neutered? You’d think by cat number twenty-something, I would know the difference. Let me kill the suspense right now: I don’t. My little male Siamese kitty said goodbye to his manhood and his dignity after a quick trip to the ‘Spay Waggin‘, a mobile ball and uterine collecting machine. My description may be a bit off.

All aboard!

 I bundled myself and kitty Milo up at the wee hour of 6:45am. Hey, it was a day off, so that’s practically 4:30am in day-off terminology. Upon reaching the Spay Waggin’ destination, I prepared myself. Just ahead was the unique experience of several cat ladies unionizing in one place. I turned my car off, had a moment of silence for Milo’s soon to be absent manhood, and faced the icy cold day.

After surviving a 45-minute wait in the nine degree weather, I walked back to my car with a whole new perspective of cat ladies. After all, I was submersed in their union for 45-minutes straight. How could I not have an inside perspective?



In one conversation with a bearded woman, I saw kindness and compassion for small things that are unable to take care of themselves. In the thirty-year-old hippie, I found warmth and patience, allowing all other owners to pick their pets up first, despite her anticipation. In the gangster who blasted cussed-out rap music while waiting, making everyone turn with a dirty look, I found a softness that was secret and personal to just him.

Despite their wrinkled pajamas, fur-coated jackets, and slight scent of cat litter, I felt welcomed in the union of cat ladies. I was accepted just as I was, cat lady or not. Let’s just say, the next time my path crosses with one of a feline fanatic, I might just offer that lady or gent a cup of coffee and a kitty cat chat.*

crazy cat lady

* Disclaimer – Awhile back, I wrote a blog post about my dead cat. Some people then unfollowed me. I believe by this point, I have weeded out cat haters and those who carry a gavel to judge cat lovers. If I haven’t, then I apologize sincerely for this post and hope you can at least enjoy the humor of my day. If you can’t enjoy the humor of my day, hopefully you can at least enjoy the sarcasm in this disclaimer.

3 responses to “The Union of Cat Ladies.

  1. *Several* people unfollowed you for posting about cats??! I only know one blogger who lost one follower. This indicates a disturbing dedication, to spend the time and energy to officially desert. Why not just not visit? My gravatar shows the cutest of four cats we own – or, who own us.
    Since it’s what I do, I suggest that you don’t niche your blog, post about everything that comes to mind. If it happens to lean one way or the other, you’ll still get the varied traffic which you can proselytise to, about your favorites.

    • Isn’t it crazy? I believe there was 5 – 8 people who unfollowed my blog after that. It was salt in a wound, but also somewhat comical. I agree with your sentiments about officially deserting a blog. I have several blogs that I follow that occasionally post on topics I’m not interested in. Does that automatically wash away the other enjoyment I have gained from their blog? Nope. But alas, to each their own! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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