Poll Results And Other Bloggish Items.

On the last day of 2012, I asked everyone some poll questions about The Siren’s Tale. The polls are still open and I plan on periodically checking them for reader feedback. Are you ready for the results? Drum roll, please…

What would you like to see more of in 2013 on The Siren’s Tale?
The general consensus was more writing. I can now admit: this answer absolutely sends me over the top in joyousness because that was my secret hope. I originally started the blog to show my writing styles, while also meeting other bloggers and authors. Thanks for wanting more of me, I really mean that. The second runner-up for this category was more books. Again, my second secret hope. I’m a bookophile through and through.

What would you like to see less of in 2013 from The Siren’s Tale?
Surprisingly, links. I can somewhat understand this because these posts contain little original writing and contribution. The links serve more as interesting tidbits I find across the internet. I knew some of my categories on this blog may have been a bit too far of a stretch to still stay somewhat collective. I really appreciate this feedback!

Would you visit The Siren’s Tale more often if it was a niche blog?
It’s now safe to admit something else to y’all. I have literally spent endless nights over the last year wondering whether I should turn The Siren’s Tale into a niche blog just focusing on books, or crafts, or home life. I Googled “niche blog” one too many times and believed for anyone to truly be interested in my blog, it had to fit in a niche. Well, thank you all for slapping sense into me! The overwhelming response by 99% was no.

What would improve your experience at The Siren’s Tale?
And lastly, the most heartwarming responses of all. People said more writing, being myself, and posting when I want, with whatever I want. It was wonderful to see this kind of feedback and realize that even if I’m not a blog with 10,000 readers, the readers I have take part in my tales and enjoy the experience.

You love me, you really love me![ photo credit: http://marinasleeps.wordpress.com/ ]

You love me, you really love me!
[ photo credit: http://marinasleeps.wordpress.com/ ]

In other news, I have not posted since January 3; after a glorious nine days off, I entered a brand new job and back into a new class for my graduate program all on the same day. Talk about a buzz kill. I’m getting my groove back slowly and will return to posting regularly. In other words, I’m a big disappointment, just like your mother warned you I’d be.

Lastly, I won two different blog giveaways this month and wanted to give a special thank you to both. I won a Barnes & Noble gift card from Diary of a Word Nerd. If you haven’t already checked Julia’s blog out, what in tarnation are you waiting for?!

I also won a 2013 calendar from Zana Bass. Zana is a very talented artist and her calendar looks beautiful in my kitchen! Special thanks to both Julia and Zana for the prizes.

zana calendar

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