Virginian Inspiration, Part One.

The adjustment from vacation back to the daily grind is an unfriendly experience we all grapple with. Even with acceptance of this transition, I can’t keep my mind from daydreaming about how full life can feel without the constraints of working for someone else.

All in good time…

For now, I will happily reminisce the sunshine-filled moments of my vacation. The way the cicadas buzzed in the South; through the daytime into the late hours of the evening, never minding the clock or passing shades of color in the sky. The breeze from the parkway and catching beautiful sunsets right before they collapsed into the evening, desperate for rejuvenation and restoration. The carefree feeling of driving with the windows down, capturing moments from across the East Coast. Looking to my side, smiling, and feeling my heart filled to capacity with the love I have for my guy and our adventures.

Virginia, you inspired my heart.

delaware bridgewilliamsburg alleywaycompasswell waterold wooden fencecherry blossom trees tangled treeliberty or deathDon’t miss Virginian Inspiration: Part Two and Part Three.

What places inspire you?
What is your best road trip experience?

16 responses to “Virginian Inspiration, Part One.

  1. I grew up in Virginia and met my sweet hubby there so it will always be a soft spot in my heart for it.

  2. wonderful photos~you captured it for me with the split rail fence with the white clapboard house in the distance, and of course those herringbone brick sidewalks, lovely…

  3. I miss my vacation. Its effects wore off all too soon. I’m glad you enjoyed yours! The pictures are just beautiful.

  4. and you know what? I do want to see more!! lots more. Cause it does look so pretty. And even though we are just back from our stay-k, it is hard to get back to the daily grind. Like really not so fun at all. Trying to make the best of it myself. I just can’t wait to see more images.

    • It’s not fun… in the least. Daydreaming seems to be at an all time high, and the clock magically slows down. Even now, I’m looking at the clock and wondering how it’s only 11:20am where I am? Haven’t I been at work for days at this point? Alas, I suppose that is the importance of vacation and capturing all this beauty… we need it to hold on to, to get through the times until our next vacation! I’ll be sharing more photos and the video montage throughout this week and next 🙂

  5. Yay for Virginia! I’m just across the river and visited Williamsburg often as a kid (and occasionally as an adult). You’re right: coming home from vacation can be the worst . . . but at least you have your gorgeous photos to help you remember the peaceful times.

    London and San Francisco have my heart and inspire me — though I’m always looking to add to that list! I love to travel, especially with my guy. We’re going to the mountains of West Virginia for our “mini-moon” after the wedding in November and I cannot wait.

    • Ooh, London and San Francisco… they seem like beautiful places to travel. I haven’t made it over the pond or across the country to either location, but I can only imagine the adventures, beauty, and history found within these cities.

      Your choice for a mini-moon is so heartwarming! I adore West Virginia and its rolling mountains. What a beautiful scene for such a romantic, happiness-filled time of your life. Hoping your mini-moon (and big day!) are everything you dream of 🙂

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  7. It looks so relaxing, as though the pace of each day was slow and steady 🙂

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