Virginian Inspiration, Part Two.

While I still have a second bundle of photographs to share from my vacation, I simply couldn’t wait any longer to share the video montage created from the trip. With so many lifestyle blogs turning toward this trend, my creativity begged and pleaded with me until I agreed to make one as well.

Despite only having a simple point and shoot camera, I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Who would have thought my seen-better-days duct-taped camera would be able to capture some beautiful moments?

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7 responses to “Virginian Inspiration, Part Two.

  1. completley loved it, espeically the coming home part and the screaming on the zip line. Did you guys zip line? I need to see the first one. Watchign out of order. My favorite, videos with music. We get a super great idea of your trip in a cool condensed no nonsense version. super rad. Great job.

    • Thank you! We didn’t zip line, but I had to include that moment in the video. We were taking a nature walk through some thick woods at a local state park. We started hearing screaming, so I turned on my camera and we ran toward it. Sure enough, we came across these people having this amazing time. Too perfect not to capture 🙂

  2. duh, actually I’m up to speed I read and viewed your pix on part one and said I couldn’t wait for part two.

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