While this post is not likely to dazzle and wow the masses, there’s been a few (and upcoming!) changes at The Siren’s Tale.

excitement gif

First and foremost, you can now find The Siren’s Tale at its very own domain: Most readers and email subscriptions will automatically direct you from the old address ( You also now have several options to follow the blog: directly through WordPress reader, email subscription, Feedly, Bloglovin’, and RSS Feed.

Along with the new domain comes a brand new, spiffy layout. I customized it to focus on the blog posts; if you scroll further down the page you’ll find the normal webpage widgets: social media links, search function, follow links, etc.

The Siren’s Tale Facebook page also opened today! I would love for any and all of you to show your support over in the Facebook world. I’ll be adding pictures, quotes, and other inspiration throughout the week to brighten your day. I promise to not overload your Facebook feed either… win, win!

facebook fan

Simply click on this picture to be redirected to The Siren’s Tale Facebook page, or find the icon in the right-hand widget!

Lastly, there are more changes to come! Are you doing your excitement dance again? Because I am.

Writing posts and lifestyle posts will be better categorized to improve your searching and navigation experience. You can expect to see these changes by the close of the weekend. Lastly, other delights such as low-cost services and advertising may occur in the future.

Stay tuned…

9 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes.

  1. All very exciting changes!! Love the new header. And I’ll be making sure to pop over to your facebook page.

  2. well here you explain it all! I just missed it! I consider and often wonder if I should do this too? I think I will wait about one year before I decide. This fall will be one year for me. I was excited when I had 33 subscribers and even blogged about it. And I wondered what it might be like if I perhaps got 50 subscribers. Then I reached 50 very recently. Now I’m wondering could I ever climb to 100??? Maybe I’m getting greedy huh? My very next post will be 100th! I still feel so new to this blog world. I’m glad I found you because I do love to read your blog. And again the new look is really nice. I’m nervous I will not know how to customize it if I go this route?

    • P.S. I’m cracking up because you nearly have 1,000 subscribers and here I am excited about 50!! totally cracking up right now. xo

      • Oh my gosh, you have no idea how silly I am.. I literally get excited and perked up when I get any new followers STILL. For the first 1.5 years of my blog, I think I averaged maybe 30-50 followers and my Mom was pretty much the only person leaving feedback. Then in March 2013 I was Freshly Pressed and had a crazy response to my writing. That’s when I went from 100 followers to 800. Since then, the number continues to rise, even though I don’t see much of a change in the comment response. I adore all of my readers, and especially loyal commenters who pop in to let me know they are still here faithfully reading 🙂

    • Well, the good thing about the premium bundle on WordPress is that even if you have no HTML/CSS experience (this is how you customize), they have some easy options for customization too (fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.). I’ve never used CSS before and while there are some moments I want to bang my head against the wall, wondering why the webpage simply won’t do what I’m asking it to do, there’s also a LOT of help on the internet and through WordPress help forums 🙂 I waited 2 years before getting my domain and upgrading.. I think it’s well worth the wait!

      • It’s interesting this world. And I like that you are so far ahead of me. Sort of like a mentor in a sense. Thank you. I appreciate how you respond to my messages. Funny I often feel like my comments also come from my mom and mother-n-law, family and close friends but not too many strangers yet.

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