Insight From Tragedy.

Living in America, many of us are blessed with daily freedoms that aren’t offered in a blanketed approach worldwide. Despite these freedoms and blessings, we can often find ourselves disappointed in our government, questioning their motives, actions, and inaction.

An unstable economy that is pushing blue-collar workers to their edge.
Disagreements about social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and medical marijuana.
People living off state assistance while hard workers struggle to feed their children.
Increasing daily reports of the government poisoning our food with carcinogens.

When we take these issues in and swirl them around consciously, the present and future can seem bleak. Driving home from work yesterday my mind was filled with endless responsibilities, social concerns, and frustration with trying to get a step ahead in life. But with just five words my entire perspective changed…

“Did you hear about Syria?”

hard battle

The Syrian situation, in my opinion, is untouchable. There are no words or emotions to even begin touching upon the devastation, tragedy, and outright governmental betrayal that is occurring. The images and videos we watch from the comfort of our homes leaves my heart feeling reckless; my humanitarian outlook begs me to do something, do something, do something.

Sadly, I have no words or actions to take in this situation. Even the American country’s leader is grappling with finding the right words of comfort and action to present to a world shaken to its core.

But even in the face of absent words, thoughts, and understanding, we can offer something: prayers. Whether religious or not, the power of thought and positive energy can move mountains.

buddha peace

Send prayers for the citizens living in horrified fear, asking for peace to find them soon.
Send positivity to those under attack, hoping they can find a safe place in their hearts.
Send a caring thought in hopes that our world will pull together to stop this madness.

Send your light and love to a country that is in desperate need of kindness, compassion, and peace.

10 responses to “Insight From Tragedy.

  1. I agree, we need to think more about others and the rest of the world. Maybe we’d stop thinking the whole world revolves around us. Well, maybe in my case it does, but I mean everyone else LOL

  2. deweydecimalsbutler

    I’m frustrated because I remember seeing footage and hearing reports of chemical usage months ago. Why are we acting like it’s a recent discovery? I heard a report on NPR that polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t support intervention in Syria. I support it a heck of a lot more than I did for invasions of other places.

    • I think that’s one of the most horrific parts of this entire tragedy. This has been going on for months, yet “there’s not enough evidence to say so”. Evidence?! Go walk on the street and see the citizens with no control over their nervous system, or the piles of bodies. I don’t understand how we can turn a blind eye to this. While I know some will say US should mind their own business, this is a world-wide issue now. The UN needs to come together and take action or strategy to put an end to this insane happening.

      • deweydecimalsbutler

        Agreed. Wasn’t that one of the points in forming the UN in the first place? It’s like Rwanda all over again. How many must die in order to justify action?

  3. agree. Very good. I like how you change your look every so often too. Just a side note.

    • Thank you! Do you mean the look of the blog? I recently bought the domain ( and a premium bundle so I could customize it 🙂 I get restless with one look for too long and for the past year I have been slowly transforming this blog into the direction I feel it needs to go. The laid-back feel of the layout falls right along with that 🙂

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