Calling All Idiots.

Based off the title of this post, it would be safe to assume that every single living person in our world will stop by to read this. Now, before you get huffy and puffy with me, I’m not the one labeling you an idiot. In fact, I am idiot as well. We can even keep growing the list… your parents, your neighbors, your co-workers. In other words, every single person you know.

But before I lose all my followers (hello and welcome to all you newbies!), let me back up a bit and explain the setting for this tale.

idiot bird

While waiting to enter a meeting last week, I started observing the hustle and bustle of students in the building. The returning students are usually filled with pride knowing they no longer fall in the dreaded “freshman” category (all the while not being in higher education long enough yet to know that the archaic high school segregation of years doesn’t occur in college).

There were fist bumps, animal calls, and dare I say, even a bit of leftover Gangnam Style actions. I turned to my purse to fish out my notebook and casually thought, “What idiots.” I began writing down ideas for a blog post when my words repeated themselves in a question, “What idiots?”

I stopped myself to take in the actual moment and assess the situation around me. The fist bumps were age-appropriate interactions in place of a hug or handshake. The animal calls that echoed through the building were students’ excitement bubbling over for a new year of parties, friendships, and classes. The silly dances unraveling on both floors brought back a distinct memory of dancing in the dormitory hallway with girlfriends at far too late of an hour during sophomore year. And then it hit me…


We are literally all idiots to someone. No matter what we do, where we do it, or how we do it, there is someone, somewhere who would consider you an idiot.

Think of the last time you were stuck behind a driver who forgot to turn off their directional. With each pointless blink of the light, your frustration grows. “What an idiot! Who wouldn’t notice their directional left on?!” Well, likely at some point or another, you.

Even when we witness others’ words or actions we’ve committed in the past, we are still likely to deem the person idiotic simply because the words or actions are being interpreted as a nuisance.

Personally, for me, this revelation is comforting. In essence, my judgmental “what idiots” thought would be deemed idiotic by someone, somewhere and I would then become an idiot myself once again.

certificate of hypocrisy

And there you have the beautiful cycle of hypocrisy and idiots. At least as humans we can step back from this cycle, re-evaluate our thinking, and realize that we’re just plain foolish and flawed most days.

And they all lived happily and hypocritically ever after.

34 responses to “Calling All Idiots.

  1. I agree, we are all idiots, especially when we love…

  2. Yup, the blog title dragged me here. And, yes, I for one am guilty of being an idiot of precisely the exact thing you’ve described. No shame in admitting that here.

  3. We all are idiots…always preferring to see it in others. All of us. Funny but spot on post!


  4. a good way to look at life and self )

  5. The title brought me here, you labelling everyone an idiot kept me reading. 🙂 what an awesome post. Everybody’s able to get on somebody’s nerves sometimes. For me, it’s my brother. But still, there are a ton of good things we do to redeem ourselves (I hope).

    • So glad you liked it, and thank you for stopping by! It’s so true that no matter who we are, there is someone doing something that will get on our nerves. I’m an optimist like you and I truly believe that even though we’re all hypocritical and flawed, we take small steps and small actions each day to redeem ourselves and see the good in each other.

  6. You idiots voted for Obama when he and the Liberal Media ran their campaign against George W. Bush.

    Four years later Obama is George W. Bush.

    Shameless Hypocrisy is the hallmark of Obama’s failed Presidency.

    The American Voters are IDIOTS!!!

    • Quite the interesting response. Well, considering everyone in America didn’t vote for Obama, we can gather that statement is an over-stretched generalization (aka: assumption). And you know what they say about assumptions 😉

      I’d go out on a limb and say that hypocrisy and idiotic behavior is not special to Americans. It’s a world wide (and historical) epidemic.

  7. So very true! And I think the biggest take-away from this is the concept that WE ALL are idiots. And if you judge, know that others have and will judge you as well.

    • Exactly! For a moment I was so disappointed with myself, thinking “How could you be so judgmental about these people?” But then I realized, this is just part of being human. We all are idiots and do idiotic things that will be judged by others. All we can do every day is laugh at our blunders and learn from our mistakes.

  8. I’m sure this is true of me as well! I think I’ve gotten better about catching myself in it as I’ve grown up, but I’m sure I still do it sometimes 🙂

  9. You my dear, are wise! I am quick to call someone and idiot while doing idiotic things myself!

  10. Here! [raise of hand]
    It’s so true that we are all idiots to someone!

  11. Ha! Love this. And absolutely remind me that I need to exercise more patience for those idiots around me. 😉

  12. I’ve only recently had the chance to start reading your posts more thoroughly, and I have to say I am looking forward to getting my coffee on my day away from work tomorrow and spending some time here. I had to answer the call to this one now, I’m not excluded from the idiot club either. Thanks for always saying it how it really is, but with compassion as well. 🙂

  13. “We are literally all idiots to someone. No matter what we do, where we do it, or how we do it, there is someone, somewhere who would consider you an idiot.” So true! I don’t know what time you’re posting, but I don’t think I’ve seen your posts in my reader in quite some time. I’m looking forward to catching up!

    • Oh no! I hope it’s not because I switched to a WordPress domain. I’ve heard some readers don’t update with a domain transfer even if it works in the browser. Either that or it’s my lack of updating/commenting because I’m swamped with grad school work. I miss the blogosphere and reading/interacting with awesome people like you. After this week the work load should lighten up and I’ll be posting regularly once again 🙂 Thanks for such a nice comment!

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