Gratitude Lately.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

Lately I’ve been grateful for…

sleepy duncan

Sleepy pups with crazy ear/face/body hair who love to “nuggle” in the morning.

fall muffins

Pumpkin muffins bringing hope for my favorite season; a never-ending chance to turn a new leaf.

campfire coffee

French press coffee, campfire side, while dawn unfolds a beautiful new day.

book trunk

Wonderful finds roadside, found during a weekend of carefree happiness and joy.
(Considering my current state… this weekend feels far too long ago.)

yin yang cats

Yin-yang feline friends who stop to take a nap after days filled with their brutal WWIII-style battles.

clever business

Quaint, quirky local businesses who remind me simplicity is always best.

What have you been grateful for lately?

19 responses to “Gratitude Lately.

  1. Love the quote at the top. And those muffins look yummy!

  2. sure love this post about gratitude, and fallish stuff. I so want to get out and camp and have a fire with some French press. I went for a walk last night and my daughter and I were talking bout our desire to be out in the wilderness. Hope you have a great week, it’s half way over!

    • That pull to return to wilderness keeps us grounded (or at least that’s what I believe!) When you’re put there in the fresh air taking in the beauty of nature around you, it’s hard to have a bad day. Hope you and your daughter have some fun adventures soon!

  3. I’m grateful for fall too. No fall weather yet here in Florida…maybe in a month.

    I love those kitties! Are they yours?,

    • It’s always funny to think in other states the seasons are differently timed… I get stuck in thinking New England is universal haha. I hope when the Fall comes in Florida, it’s a beautiful one!

      And yes, those are my furbabies. They are both Siamese mixes and meow nonstop! Charlotte is the grey cat and Milo is the white. He’s only a year old, so he drives my adult cat nuts!

      • Oh, I didn’t know you were in New England! I’m from Connecticut 🙂 I miss my seasons…to a certain extent. I don’t miss slush in my shoes and cold springs that seemed to take forever. But I miss so much else.

        What’s really funny is when I read blogs from my favorite Australian bloggers. Christmas falls in the middle of their summer, and the get bathing suits and such. That’s just not right!

  4. Each one of these made me think.

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  6. I’m grateful for everything 🙂 for life; its ups and downs that make me growing 🙂
    The pumpkin muffins look so delicious *drooling*

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