The Truth About Moving.

Compared to military families and other nomads, my moving history is minimal. I first moved at roughly 9 years old into a house with my family, and only moved a grand total of 5 miles. Outside of college-related moves and a quick rendezvous with Baltimore, Maryland, I’ve stayed put for the most part.

But, there’s a simple known truth about moving that everyone knows, no matter whether they’ve done it once or twenty times… it sucks.

moving sucks

You find yourself facing your own piles of belongings bullshit, and suddenly your frustration level is taking on Department-of-Motor-Vehicles-waiting-line-esque anger. Snapping at your loved one over the way they obviously are packing/taping everything wrong, the realization dawns on you that moving just plain sucks.

What we forget and overlook is the beautiful moments of moving. Sure, they’re uncomfortably wedged between sweat, awkward apartment angles, and curses your Mom would blush over, but they’re there…

1. You realize what’s important. After packing the third box of knickknacks, I knew the only thing I cared about packing was my boyfriend, pets, and a few childhood mementos. Everything around me that used to say “comfort” started say “really not worth it”.

buddha quote

2. You get a new perspective on your own life. With prices (for seemingly everything) sky rocketing and the price of living for renters and home owners increasing by the week, there’s few people today who aren’t worried about making ends meet. So many of us feel empty-pocketed after a long week’s work, yet the money is there. It’s all in choosing how to spend it. I handed my boyfriend the third bag of trash to bring outside when a lightbulb went on: I spent hard-earned money on everything I was now throwing away. How much can it really matter in the end?

3. You get to laugh at yourself. I lost count of how many times I smashed my knees into walls, how many burned fingertips I had from sanding spackle, and how many times I confusedly uttered, “Where the hell did I put that…?” But even better, I lost count of how many times my guy and I shared belly laughs over the stupidity of moving. Even if it’s maniacal I’m-losing-my-mind laughter, it’s still laughter.

maniacal laughter

4. You’re moving forward. Life is all about learning… learning ourselves, the world around us, and how we fit into it. Anytime we make a change, whether it’s happy or sad, we’re moving forward. We’re learning… growing.

5. You’re opening the door to dreams. Whenever you turn a new leaf, you open the door to dream. What could happen? How will things change? What new opportunities are at hand? It’s a time of excitement and mystery. Your new life is just waiting to welcome you home.

What’s your best moving experience?
What do you enjoy about moving (if anything)?

10 responses to “The Truth About Moving.

  1. I’ve moved 11 times and actually like doing it. As a matter of fact, I kind of have the itch to do it now but we’ve kind of decided to stay put. I think it’s exciting to have a fresh start and a new place to explore.

    • 11 times? My oh my! I’ve moved 7 times and it feels like I’m nonstop… I can’t imagine 11! It’s nice to hear that you enjoy moving. It tends to be one of those adult responsibilities that so many of us dislike or get flustered over. I like your point of view 🙂

  2. Ugh, packing right now!

  3. I actually really value the idea behind using a move as a way to cleanse and purge. It started with a move I made five years ago where I really had to evaluate everything I owned and determine its worth either from a functionality standpoint or as a precious keepsake. I learned how much I didn’t really care about so much of what I owned — and conversely how much I truly cared about certain items that held memories. Now that we are settled into a house that we aren’t leaving for at least another four years, I actually make it a standard practice to go through things and purge at least once a year.

    • Kenley, you and me both! I was amazed to find how little I cared about all of the items in my apartment. Items I had worked hard to purchase… and for what? To have something hanging on my wall for $50, only to end up in the recycling bin? It’s so good to purge our lives from the unnecessary. This moving experience really opened my eyes to what’s real and what’s important. Thanks for the great comment!

  4. Love the Budda quote, I need to think about that basically every time I get frustrated! Life is a journey and all that!! Good luck!

  5. I love the clearing out of the stuff we don’t need part of moving, but that is about it. However, point #2 does make me rethink. You are right we spend good money on this stuff and then it gets shuffled aside. I need to think about this more when making buying decisions.

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