Getting in the Spirit.

Christmas is only 19 days away and the spirit of this magical season is overtaking me. Maybe it’s Capturing December or my involvement in Intention for 7… all I know is I feel good.

Normal work interactions that would typically leave me fuming are unveiled as opportunities to help others and to learn more about their struggles. The long line of traffic in my morning and evening commute is less blood-pressure raising, and seen as more time to look around and notice little details on my ride. It’s funny how slowing down can suddenly change the world around you. Call it learning, call it delusional, call it Christmas spirit; I am just happy this change is happening.

Bottle Christmas Spirit / From

Last night I sat down to work on business ideas for my blog, my shop {opening online 2014} and my farm {opening 2015 if all goes according to plan}. As ideas bounced about, my mind quickly ran away with itself and all I have to be grateful for.

And where did my mind finally land? Right here, with all of you.

I started thinking of all the joys and sorrows so many of you have shared with me. The laughter, the love, and the well wishes you all continuously pour towards me. In the past two years, you’ve seen me slowly evolve from an overworked, miserable career girl into a carefree, happy-hearted future homesteader. And you’ve cheered me on every step of the way.

Geeze, talk about blessings.

Piglet Gratitude / From

Which brings me to this: What can I do to better this holiday season for you?

Do you need a holiday prayer for someone not doing well? Stuck on ideas for a loved ones’ gift? Not sure how to use APA citations and need guidance? (See, I knew this graduate program would serve a purpose eventually!) Are you away from home for the holidays, feeling homesick, and needing a boost? Would you like a Christmas card from this siren to your homestead?

Whatever it may be, just nudge me. Let me know. I would love to bring the joy of this holiday season into all of your homes, and whether that be through a prayer, a Christmas/holiday card, or an idea… I’m here.

(Updated Note: Please be aware anything you write in the contact form in this post goes directly to my email inbox. It will not show up in the blog comments just in case anyone is worried about privacy! To contact me for a holiday wish/card/prayer/anything, fill out the contact form in this post. To leave a regular blog post comment, scroll down to the box that says ‘Time to share a tale of your own’.)

3 responses to “Getting in the Spirit.

  1. Ok, so I love everything about this. The Intention for 7 idea is fabulous, and it sounds like it’s having an amazing effect so far.

    I also have to say that although I’m a bit of a late arrival here, it’s still been a joy to watch your journey from miserable career girl to happy future homesteader. I’m a ways behind on that path, and it helps tremendously to see that there are other people who’ve made/are making the changes I hope to make someday too.

    As for spreading holiday spirit, your idea is brilliant. You’ll be hearing from me soon with a wee request! 🙂

    • Aww, you always say the sweetest things! The intention for 7 has been amazing. I tend to be a bit of a… ruminator. And it’s terrible – I ruin a lot of good moments. So I’ve been working on ‘living in the moment and letting go of the bad’. Holy moly, it already feels better! And since it’s intention for one week, it’s easier to commit to fully 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words about my little journey here. One of the greatest things I’ve realized lately is that we all have such diverse needs/wants… that’s what makes us all interesting. For one person a business career is the dream, while for another it may feel like a jail sentence, haha. It keeps people interesting 🙂

      Can’t wait for your email!

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