We Interrupt This Program…

Gauntlet [noun]: an open challenge (as to combat) —used in phrases like ‘throw down the gauntlet’.

My friends, I am officially in the gauntlet. I’m not throwing it down or preparing for it, I’m in it. Too bad I’m missing the awesome gauntlet gear that’s smeared around the internet.

Gauntlet Gear / From TheSirensTale.com

I’m sure your week has been on hold wondering where I’ve been for the past 8 days. All of your holiday cheer has fallen to the wayside as you experience withdrawals from gratitude and tales of laughter. Clearly, my writing is that important. Please sense my sarcasm. Please?

The inevitable has happened: all my juggling plates have come crashing down, while I scream from the bottom of the wreckage for someone to hear. Alright, alright… it’s not that bad.

This week, my gauntlet, is when I coordinate over 300 final exams for college students, all the while completing my own graduate program. Imagine my delight when I found last night that I missed a paper deadline and put my 4.0 cumulative GPA at risk. Now, that was a fun party.

Sarcasm / From TheSirensTale.com

As of tomorrow, the gauntlet should be conquered and I should be officially a master’s degree recipient. And if these should be’s all fall into place, we’ll be returning to regularly scheduled programming. Dare I even say… improved programming?

With this crazy lady being out of college for the first time in a decade (what the what?!), I’ll have much more time for writing, updating my blog, and interacting with all of you. Imagine a life where I can pursue inspiration, write freely, and have no looming deadlines waiting around every corner. The possibilities are endless…

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