Christmas Time Was Here.

Every year Christmas comes and goes in a fuzzy blur of too much good food, yards of wrapping paper, and laughing into the wee hours of the night with my beau. This year we stayed true to some of our traditions, while also embracing new ones.

We spent this Christmas living in my parent’s house as we save to buy our farm house and land next year. Despite this housing adjustment, some holiday traditions are too heart-warming to put on a shelf until we have our own place again. Following our annual traditions, we put up our tree purchased shortly after my guy’s birthday, we went Christmas shopping far too late in the season, my guy gifted me a new decoration for my Thomas Kinkade collection on Christmas Eve, and we filled our bellies with endless sugar and chocolate-coated goodies.

Rodeo Santa / From

Thomas Kinkade / From

Decorating with Cats / From

Michael and Meat / From

Christmas Desserts / From

For new traditions, we embraced two that warmed my heart and seasonal soul. During the early morning of Christmas day, we paid tribute to a Scandinavian tradition and scattered bird seed around the property. Watching the full-bellied birds waddle around Christmas afternoon permanently fixed this tradition into future holidays to come.

Scandinavian Christmas / From

Birdseed / From

To top off new traditions, Christmas night held promise and excitement as well. This year, we had all of Christmas night open for wonder and enchantment just between the two of us. We bundled up and stopped for hot chocolate before taking a holiday-tune-filled Christmas light drive. By the time we returned home, it was already agreed upon that this Christmas light night drive is a keeper for holiday traditions.

Christmas Night Lights / From

It was another truly wonderful Christmas season. And now the time has come to rest, relax, and reflect on the new year to come and the promise it holds.

Moose at Christmas / From

Farming Gear / From

Bella at Christmas / From

Christmas 2013 / From


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
What was the best part of your holiday season?

10 responses to “Christmas Time Was Here.

  1. I loved all your Christmas photos — they all captured the spirit so well. I’m stoooopid about Christmas and sad that the holiday season is nearly over. LOVE the Scandinavian tradition of spreading the bird seed. I want to start doing that now! I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

    • Thank you! I’m with you… I’m already missing Christmas. I didn’t even realize it was New Year’s Eve until my guy was leaving for work this morning. How sad is that? Clearly, I have issues with moving on from Christmas! The season is just so magical and wonderful… I never want it to leave.

      Happy New Year to you and yours as well 🙂

  2. I never start early enough and it’s so hectic during the actual week I have off between Christmas and New Year’s, but today has been quiet and we even had time for a fire in the fireplace. Thank you for sharing your photos and traditions!

    • I can completely sympathize with starting late to the season, Laurie. Every year I promise myself I’m going to start shopping earlier, planning the baked goods, and enjoying the season. And every year it’s suddenly December 23rd and I’m in panic mode!

      So glad that you’re finding time now to slow down, relax, and enjoy the season 🙂 A fire in the fireplace is the perfect way to cozy up for the day.

  3. I too love the Scandanavian tradition of spreading the bird seeds I think that is one I’ll definitely be adopting. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. I LOVE the idea of sprinkling bird seed! The hubby and I created some fun new traditions this year too including homemade pizza on Christmas Eve! So happy to hear that you had a great holiday.

    • Kelly, it was so, so precious! After we spread the seed about the property, I was worried that the birds wouldn’t find it scattered. Within a few hours, my guy was calling my name and pointing out the window. There were birds everywhere on the property – including a cardinal and hummingbird. It was so joyful and I can’t wait for this tradition next year 🙂

      PS – Homemade pizza on Christmas Eve? I may just need to tie this fun tradition into our holiday next year!

  5. basildonkitchens

    Perfect post – I love the holidays and you captured it beautifully with your photos. The bird seed idea will be brought into our traditions too!

    Thank you so much for sharing – all the best to you in 2014!

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