Gratitude Lately.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
– William Arthur Ward

Lately I’ve been grateful for…

New Years Fire / from TheSirensTale.comNew Years Eve traditions that allow you to let go of fears and weaknesses from the year past.

Bella 2014 / from TheSirensTale.comSunny mornings with this lady, talking about the sing-song birds outside and adventures the day may hold.

Mom's Pancakes / from TheSirensTale.comBeing close enough to family to enjoy delicious pancakes, coffee, and laughter on a weekend morning.

Mates for Life Calendar / Photography from / Calendar from ability to greet the new year with invigorated hope, dreams, and excitement, along with a beautiful calendar.

Beautiful View on Walk / from TheSirensTale.comWeather that forgets it’s winter and allows for a lovely afternoon stroll along the water.

Milo 2014 / from TheSirensTale.comMy furlittle sidekick who follows me from room to room, meows loudly at my heels, and is forever with a dirty nose.

Winter Scene / from TheSirensTale.comBig, fat snowflakes that create a winter wonderland on days I have nowhere to be.

What have you been grateful forΒ lately?

29 responses to “Gratitude Lately.

  1. Sometimes gratitude is large for very small things. I’m grateful for socks – fuzzy ones at night, wool ones for outside, cool ones for running. I’m not as grateful for my pets (late night yowling monsters)…but I’ll save them for when I see someone do an ingratitude post. Have a good Monday, Caitlin!

    • Michelle, I’m with you – there’s nothing better than a warm, fuzzy pair of socks during the winter and at night! Pets are trying (to say the least). My little furbuds are constantly getting into something, breaking something, or wreaking havoc in general. But then when they snuggle up and start purring or snoring, I melt once again and become a mushball for them. Hope you had a great Monday!

  2. Beautiful picture and really nice post. Stay blessed πŸ™‚

  3. Days that are warm enough for me to get in a lunchtime walk and get my exercise out of the way for the day!

  4. Always nice to remember that there’s always something to be grateful for…even if it doesn’t seem quite that way at first

    • That’s why I started this little blog category here. I tend to get caught up in negativity and what’s not there in my life; these posts always remind me of what I actually am grateful for, even if I missed it in the moment. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  5. lovely thoughts Caitlin, a nice reminder of keeping it simple~

  6. I feel such gratitude in the small and simple moments, too — and in traditions, family and friends. I love the quote at top! So very true.

  7. The quote is awesome, your gratitude fills me and the last image is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love your friend Tracie

    • Thank you, Tracie! I’ve been working on learning manual on my new Nikon DSLR, so I’ve been trying to flex my creativity in photography πŸ™‚ I’m lucky to have you as a friend, your photography inspires me so much πŸ™‚

  8. That calendar is super cute! Beautiful kitty! Reminds me of my cat growing up, she always has a dirty nose and eyes too. πŸ™‚

    So many little but great things to be grateful for!

  9. I’m so pleased you’ve popped by my blog.. for now I’m here at yours! I made a calendar as well this year, but my graphics were not my own. Do you draw yours? They’re very pretty.. what a lovely calendar to look at each day, Caitlin!

  10. wow wow wow, i really like your theme and your whole blogging style. i’d really appreciate feedback and criticism from you!! thanks!!

  11. This is so sweet. And what a great idea. I see that you write a “Gratitude Lately” post every few months. Last November I participated in a “21 Days of Gratitude” challenge and I want to do something similar again but it was quite challenging for me to come up with a daily post for 21 days. Your “Gratitude Lately” might be just the thing for me. I hope you don’t mind me taking your idea. I really like the title “Gratitude Lately” so I would like to use it, if that’s ok.
    Congratulations for being Freshly Pressed for the second time. You have a wonderful blog and I am surprised that I just discovered it.

  12. Always grateful for people-like you -that warm my heart by their appreciation of life, Thanks for sharing.

  13. Lovely! Beautiful reminder to practice gratitude. I keep a daily gratitude journal to try to remember the small things each day. Today, I am thankful that my sick kitty is doing better and that there is a forecast of rain (I’m in the Bay Area and we’re having the driest January in centuries!).

    • I love the idea of a daily gratitude journal! What a wonderful way to capture pieces of gratitude as your days unfold. Glad to hear your kitty is feeling better — as a huge pet lover, I know how distressing it can be when they’re sick. And here’s hoping for lots of rain your way!

  14. Beautiful post, Caitlin. I love the pets. πŸ™‚

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