Facing Off With Winter Scrooge.

It seems like just yesterday when snow days were wished, hoped, and prayed for. The glistening white condensation pouring from an open sky meant a day off from school and hours of uninterrupted play in the backyard. The icy winds were ignored until you returned to the house with bright red, tingling skin. Winter offered a wonderland of ice forts, sledding, and played out adventures.

Peter Pan Quote / from TheSirensTale.com

I’m not afraid to admit that somewhere along the line as an adult, I became a dreaded winter Scrooge.

When the bitter winds blow in for the season, my nose stays scrunched for months, angry at the cold exposure and slippery conditions. After almost thirty years in New England, one would think I’d grow accustomed to the bitter cold winters, but instead I meet each winter season with a scowl and desperate desire for sunshine and spring.

Winter Scrooge / from TheSirensTale.com

During a weekend car ride to shake cabin fever, the question was finally presented to me from my beau: “What makes you so unhappy during winter?”

That small question led to a robust conversation filled with laughter and self-reflection. All of my reasons for hating winter seemed mute and senseless in comparison to the joyful, warm car ride. By the time we pulled into a parking lot, my cheeks hurt from smiling, but more importantly, the hypocrisy and shallow state of my attitude set in.

I have spent many winters worrying about my previous mental health clients making it through the night with no shelter. I’ve lain awake at night during winters, concerned for family members unable to heat their homes. Even more prominently, I spent several years of winters mourning the sudden loss of my boyfriend.

A season that was once spent seeking safety and wellness had turned into a shallow-based season full of complaints about personal wants, not needs.

Winter Weather Wheel / from TheSirensTale.com

The exposed state of my winter attitude was alarmingly embarrassing. And the realization that I had everything needed to safely traverse a winter {both physically and emotionally} humbled my heart.

Perspective is an ever-changing scope that can make us face the harshest of realities and the sharpest of truths. Perspective can also be skewed in times of blessing; former realities and truths from “harder days” are easily overlooked.

As much as Scrooge needed to learn the importance of Christmas spirit, this winter Scrooge needed to learn the importance of evolving perspectives. Through blessings and tragedies, no matter how life’s circumstances change over the years, hold on to all of your perspectives and you will never feel without.

How do you keep your perspectives “in check”?
How has your perspective changed through the years?

44 responses to “Facing Off With Winter Scrooge.

  1. trying hard to keep that great attitude also.. but boy the -8 outside this morning is slowing me down some… heading out to see friends to raise my own cold heartedness today

    • Sending warm wishes your way, Jolynn! It’s in the single digits here today, but I’m feeling thankful it’s not the negatives. Hopefully this Polar Vortex will move along quickly… the US has had enough!

      I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends… sometimes laughter and familiar faces can be the best medicine for coldness!

  2. I can definitely understand the winter scrooge mentality. That is actually a big part of why I moved down here to Austin, TX six years ago. After a lifetime of Wisconsin winters, I needed to escape. However, there is not always that opportunity (though if you ever feel like moving down here, let me know!) to alter living locations. I wish you much luck as you work on the positive attitude that is so greatly needed during the winter months.

    • Texas sounds so wonderful right now! Are you guys being hit by the cold at all?

      Funny enough, we are actually planning on moving 2 states north at the end of this year / beginning of 2015 to start the farm. Why would I go North being such a winter Scrooge? Who knows! But it should continue to push me to seek positivity and gratitude, despite the outdoor weather 🙂

      • Actually we had a bunch of ice and sleet last night as well as last week.

        Wait.. so you’re starting a farm in 2015?? How did I miss this? What type of farm?

        • We are! We changed our living situation back around October to begin saving money for a house/land to start a farm. With the money we are saving, we should be ready to start house/farm-hunting by the close of this year, allowing for the farm to open up in early 2015 🙂 As long as everything goes according to plan that is, haha.

          The farm will be an organic farm, mainly producing vegetables, fruits, beans, herbs, and honey. I’ll also be making holistic care and health products from the herbs, honey, and flowers at the farm.

          I posted more specifics about the farm awhile back on my blog {during your holiday hiatus!}.. here’s the link: http://thesirenstale.com/2013/12/10/where-are-you-going/

  3. A great reflection! You know this is the first winter in a long time that I decided to change my attitude and am enjoying winter!!

  4. I am not a hater of any season, but I do suffer from some winter woes from time to time. I don’t mind precipitation as long as I’m not working in it, and when it is too cold to do anything or go anywhere, I just enjoy my house and spend my time organizing it or reading as many books as possible from the comfort of my bed.

    This year I am keeping myself well hydrated and moisturized and I bought a new down jacket to face the polar vortex with, so I have to say I honestly haven’t had a spot of the blues yet.

  5. I was never a huge fan of Winter and I am till not but I do try to embrace it as much as possible. I mean I am lucky enough to live somewhere I get to see all 4 seasons and for that I am lucky so why not enjoy it as much as possible right?!

  6. i might not experience your kind of winters but i do love OUR winter. i prefer cold and the ability to still war up as apposed to the heat and no matter how much you try, there is no cooling down

    • Isn’t that the worst about summer? When you’re hot, it’s so hard to cool down. But when you’re cold in the Winter, it’s easier to add clothing layers, turn on the heat, build a fire, etc. So many ways to stay warm 🙂

      • exactly! lol and besides, i dress better in winter than i do in summer. Unfortunately for me i dont quite have the body of a young girl where you can go half way naked and still look decent in summer. So i cant exactly expose too much skin. Winter is great for covering up, wearing fitted jeans will heeled boots.

  7. As I don’t have to endure any sort of real winter, I’m not one to even put my two cents in. However life in general I find being focused on the tiny miracles in my day help, the way the light shines on something, a heart found, a still moment when I focus on the good stuff it helps me deal with the bad stuff.

  8. Out in Southern California, we don’t get much in the way of seasons and I love to savor a “real” winter each time I’m in New England. It allows me the opportunity to break out the boots, sweaters, and coats and indulge in hot beverages to warm me up. Here’s hoping the winter blues don’t stay too long and I’ll do my best to bring the warmer temps and sunshine with me when I visit in March. 🙂

  9. I think it’s difficult not to have a favorite season, I love them all.. but this winter always takes more than his fair share of our year! Sigh.. I know I’ve had enough when I start bringing signs of spring into my home:) Then I can just sit in a permanently delusional state of great weather.. inside, lol!

    • This Winter is definitely putting most people in the US through the ringer! It’s amazing to me that most of the country is under the Polar Vortex, but the poor West Coast is struggling with droughts and high temperatures. Hopefully Spring will be here soon for all of us, and wipe away any winter woes 🙂

      I like your idea of bringing Spring inside! I think this weekend I’ll treat myself to some flowers or a new plant.

  10. Maintaining and updating perspective is an ongoing process. I journal a bit and I like to just sit down and be still at least once per day.

    Otherwise, I just stay in the South and keep on the sunny side of the winter season. 😉

    • So true, Emily. We can never stop looking at and reassessing our perspectives because they change so much from year-to-year (or situation-to-situation).

      I used to journal daily but then gave it up when I was in graduate school. I think this is a practice I’ll return to because you’re so right… it makes you feel better to just “be still”, even if only for a few minutes a day!

  11. I’ve never experienced winter, honestly, so no judging from me here. 🙂

    I’ve learnt to keep myself in check from debating, actually. The stubborn me’s forced to look at something from every angle possible, from all the actors of a play, speaking metaphorically. It’s grown tolerance.

    I wouldn’t say my perspective’s changed. I just get a wider view, and I just hope I won’t close down the curtains as I grow older and see more of life’s harshness. That just won’t do. But one I’ve always kept is my perspective when I was a little kid.

    • That’s such an interesting approach to checking your perspective… I really like that! By considering all the angles in any given situation, I’m sure it’s easier to talk yourself in/out of a good/bad situation or mood. Thanks for the great idea 🙂

      • Thanks. It’s what works best for me, I guess. 🙂

        Plus, after a while, you start to realise what kind of person you are just by pondering on what kind of perspectives you like.

  12. I know most people start to hate the cold more as they get older, but so far I find it easier to take winter these days. Maybe because I don’t have to go out to play in it for the kids’ sake anymore, and can just stay inside. Also older = more money = less worrying about the cost of heating oil. Attitude has a lot to do with it, too, so keep your new perspective!

    • Laurie, great points about the changing faces of winter for people as they get older. I’m hoping when I have kids it will make me enjoy winter a bit more than I do now. One of the few parts of snow I enjoy is watching kids play and have fun in it! We’ll see 🙂

  13. Don’t want to depress you, but having kids can make it worse. Because you’ve still got to keep them entertained, but outdoor activities are mostly a no go. So you end up with stir craziness.

  14. This is such a great change of perspective!

  15. I’m in the south east and we got our first snow of the season yesterday, I too am a winter scrooge. A good friend reminded me that snow is cleansing, along with the super new moon tomorrow this will be a great time to renew and reaffirm the resolutions and goals we made at the beginning of the year! I’m taking vitamin D3 to keep the winter blues away, I spend a lot of time outside in the garden during spring and summer so my body literally shuts down in the colder months. D3 has made a big difference in my scroogeiness this year.

  16. Caitlin, I feel your pain. But the opposite. I hate the warm weather. NQ in Australia is almost constantly warm, but about a month or so around July when we get a brief taste of cool. But around Christmas it is just so sticky and hot. Hate it.

    • It’s so interesting to me to hear about the weather/temperature in different parts of the world. Your hottest month is one of my coldest! It’s hard to muddle through the bad weather (either hot or cold), especially since we have no control over it. Hoping you have a long, wonderful cool July this year to enjoy 🙂

  17. Oh man that pie chart is hilarious! It’s so true.

  18. Wow. Oh dear no wonder you hate winter. *hug*

    You would do awesome in Florida. (Where I’m originally from)

    You bring an excellent point about perspective. It’s SO important. My faith helps me with that.

    Great post.

    • I love Florida! I used to travel there once a year with family.

      Faith and perspective are two things that constantly can help drive one forward in a positive way. I make sure I keep both tucked in my pocket 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words!

  19. It’s very wise of you to keep a perspective of what really matters. I am definitely a winter Scrooge–I don’t love it. I don’t like that my husband (and everyone else around here!) constantly has to drive to work on very slippery roads. Winter isn’t a very safe time of year–and I’ve heard that a lot of homeless are ending up in our local hospital with frostbit. Spring, Summer, and Fall are preferable, but winter is a part of life, too. At least here in Michigan.

    • I can’t help but feel like a dummy when I think “I hate winter… versus there’s people starving all over the world.” Perspective always reminds me I have it damn good in life and reminds me to be grateful.

      It’s definitely a scary time of year with driving, and it’s no fun worrying about loved ones all day when they’re out on the roads. Here’s hoping winter passes gently and brings back a safe environment for people, drivers, and adventure seekers!

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