Take Me Back to the Start.

Floating back to April 2010, I was a fresh-faced 24-year-old who had just started dating Michael, a man who loved adventure and fun, and had a beaming smile and personality to match. Despite only being together a month, I had an urge to see the countryside and there was no better potential travel partner than my guy.

We traveled to Vermont for a long weekend adventure; a trip that ended up being our favorite memory to date. Driving past rivers and through covered bridges (all with the sunshine at your back) is the perfect way to spend a vacation, especially when you’re newly in love.

Vermont River / from TheSirensTale.com

Inside VT Covered Bridge / from TheSirensTale.com
This trip happened long before I realized I want to be a farmer. All I knew at this point was when my heart wanted happiness, I searched for the country, farm animals, and vast open spaces.

It’s funny how we can look back in life and see the patterns that were there all along. Patterns we were previously blind to, simply because they didn’t fall in step with current pursuits. While we are speeding through one journey, hints of our futures are scattered on the wayside, desperate for us to take a moment to notice.

VT Horses / from TheSirensTale.com
As we made our way through various Vermont villages, we stopped for pictures, coffee, and laughter. The true essence of the state began to set in during all of our stops. Like our newly founded relationship, Vermont was a place of care, compassion, and community, with just a touch of crazy.

VT Hippie Store / from TheSirensTale.com

Fasten Seat Belt / from TheSirensTale.com

VT Craziness / from TheSirensTale.com

At the end of this month, we’ll be celebrating our fourth anniversary together and I am bursting at the seams to return to Vermont. What started as a first vacation spot has grown into our most loved place. Not only is Vermont our destination choice to enter a fifth year together, but it’s our future home.

It’s the state that will see our hopes, dreams, and wishes. A state to stand strong beside through our failures, blunders, and mistakes. A place where we will set-up a farm, a home, and a family.

And I just simply can’t wait for it all.

VT Houses / from TheSirensTale.com

VT Landscape / from TheSirensTale.com
What is your favorite vacation spot?
What signs/patterns have you overlooked in life?

29 responses to “Take Me Back to the Start.

  1. Happy anniversary! What do you plan to grow on this farm of yours?

    Favorite vacation spot: Sedona, AZ.

    • Thank you, Joyce! On the farm, I’ll be growing organic vegetables, fruits, and beans, along with harvesting honey, eggs, and goat’s milk. I’ll also be making farm fresh goodies from these products 🙂

      Sedona sounds like an amazing vacation spot! I’ve never made it out to the West Coast, but family members who have fell in love with it. I’ll have to add Arizona to my list of places to travel!

  2. I went to Vermont with my husband in October and we fell in love with Stowe and the surrounding area. It’s definitely one of our top vacations we’ve been on. Love your pictures! They reminded me of some of my own great memories

    • Stowe is such a gorgeous area of Vermont 🙂 I really haven’t come across an area I don’t like in the state, but Brattleboro is my favorite. Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by! Glad these pictures could bring back some good memories.

  3. aaaw congrats! here’s to another 4 years times 20

  4. Happy anniversary! Vermont is a beautiful place.

  5. This is all so exciting! We just moved out to our homestead 2 1/2 years ago, so the yearning to live in the country is still fresh in my mind. I love seeing others just beginning their journeys! There is nothing better than country living, let me tell ya 🙂

    Happy anniversary!

    • Tammy, I really (really, really) can’t wait! Sometimes I feel guilty as if I’m not ‘living in the moment’ for now. But then I remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the now, but thoroughly looking forward to the future. I love connecting with bloggers like you that are knee-deep in the life I’m seeking… it’s always so inspiring and reaffirming that no matter what it takes, it’s worth it!

  6. We’re shore town people. Specifically south Jersey beaches.

    Vermont is beautiful and a wonderful place to live!

    • I’ve driven through NJ more times than I can count (from when I used to live in Baltimore, MD). I took a long weekend trip to Atlantic City with my best friend, but other than that I haven’t explored much of NJ. I’ll have to check more of it out 🙂

  7. Looks beautiful! Good luck!

    My family has always loved the shore…Long Beach Island in New Jersey is our traditional, once-a-year vacation spot!

  8. I can see why you love it, Caitlin. It’s absolutely beautiful! As for me, I’m not sure I have a favorite vacation spot. So many good memories have been formed all over the world that it would be impossible to pick a favorite as each were special in their own right.

    • I’ve always said that Vermont is the type of state you fall in love with 🙂 The only other places I’ve traveled to that I’ve felt this way about are Western MA (on the VT border), and Savannah, Georgia.

      I think it’s so beautiful that you’ve been able to travel to enough places to not have a favorite. I can only imagine where you’ve traveled and what you’ve seen 🙂 There’s such a beautiful world out there just waiting to be discovered by adventure seekers!

  9. The way you speak of your weekend in Vermont reminds me of the weekend in Olympic Peninsula that Jimmy and I went on. He was living in WA and I flew there for the weekend from Boston. We drove from Seattle all the way to the coast, up to La Push where we had a beach fire, through the Hoh rainforest, to Port Angeles where you can look across to Canada, and then back to the city all in 2 days. It was rare for it to be so sunny in that region in April so everyone we met was gloriously happy – everything felt like magic! I think I need to do a post on that trip soon… 🙂 thanks for sparking my trip down memory lane!!


    • Hello, wanderlust! Reading your description of Olympic Peninsula just made my traveling gene drool. We really hope to get out to the West Coast someday, possibly for a honeymoon. Just thinking about the coast, beach fires, and rainforests? Oh my, Washington take me away!

      Thanks for sharing that beautiful experience in Washington. It sounds so amazing 🙂 Here’s to many more adventure-filled trips!

  10. This is beautiful! I can’t wait to see where this love of Vermont takes you!

  11. Caitlin, Happy 4 year anniversary! I’ve been wondering where this fantastic farm was going to be and I think Vermont sounds perfect! My husband and I have never been there but it is high on our list of places to go. Perhaps we will have to swing by the farm when we finally do — I can buy some of your honey! 🙂

    And I definitely understand the draw and romanticism of that first trip. The first trip we took was out to Arizona for a family wedding but we camped afterwards for a few days and fell in love with Jerome, AZ (which is just south of Sedona). Not a future home for us since we would miss the green too much but it does live on as a sacred and special place that is tied to our love.

    So very excited for your future!

    • Jessica, your plan for Vermont sounds so lovely! I am so hoping that once the farm is up and running, blog readers and community members will want to stop by, visit, or try some of the products. I’ll make sure to set aside some honey just for you {as long as the American honeybees last until I can start beekeeping!} 🙂

      There is something so lovely about the first trip together as a couple. While we’ve traveled several places since and always had an amazing time, nothing has quite measured up to the whirlwind long weekend in Vermont.

      Your trip to Arizona sounds fantastic! You’re the second comment referencing Arizona as a favorite vacation spot. It’s decided… I have to go and see the state now!

  12. This is so delightful! I love that you can retrace your steps to see that your farming desires are rooted somewhere and not just a random adventure. Happy almost anniversary and I can’t wait to see more photos from your next Vermont trip!

    • Aww, thank you Kelly! I love retracing so many activities that were hinting “farm, farm animals, the country.” It’s funny that I didn’t notice at the time, but for years I’ve spent all my free weekend time outdoors, with farm animals, visiting farms, etc.

      Thanks for the well wishes for our anniversary trip… it should be a blast!

  13. I have only been to Vermont to go snowboarding, it looks like such an amazing place to visit when it’s warm! love the rainbow painted building & the quirky details. Happy anniversary!

  14. Nice blog! Really enjoyed it!

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