Happy Valentine’s Day.

Single or taken, it seems that Valentine’s Day tends to get a bad rap. If you’re in a relationship and smothered with gifts on the day, you may question why you don’t receive attention/care like that daily. If you’re in a relationship and don’t celebrate the day, you have to repeatedly explain why to others. And if you’re single, you’re sometimes left feeling on the sidelines watching others receive adoration or praise.

Let’s change this cycle.Β If you’re in a relationship, single, celebrate, or don’t, Valentine’s Day is still a day. A day full of wonder and possibilities, just as every calendar day is. Treat yourself to something nice, pamper yourself when you get home from work, whatever it may be… make this day great for you.

Need delightful inspiration to brighten your day? Here are just a few ideas from some of my favorite bloggers…

DIY Coffee Mug from http://aharvestofblessing.com/

{from A Harvest of Blessing} Make yourself a fancy DIY coffee mug to enjoy a fresh brew of coffee this weekend!

DIY Paper Flowers from http://www.riversandroads.me/

{from Rivers and Roads} Who needs flower delivery when you can make your own bouquet of flowers that lasts?

Languages of Love post from http://www.simplemomentsstick.com/

{from Simple Moments Stick} Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we all know communication is key to interpersonal relationships. Read about finding your language of love!

DIY Scarf from http://www.simplyfreeblog.com/

{from Simply Free Blog} V-Day lasts for 24-hours, but winter lasts for months. Make yourself a DIY fringe scarf to stay warm and fashionable throughout the winter!

DIY Fortune Cookies from http://greendoorhospitality.wordpress.com/

{from Green Door Hospitality}Β Turn your V-Day into a day to celebrate all loved ones: family, friends, neighbors, etc! Who wouldn’t adore a DIY fortune of love?

Man Bait from http://thepaintedapron.com/

{from The Painted Apron} If you’re looking for a man, have one that needs baiting, or are just looking for a new delicious treat for your night, look no further. Herein lies Man Bait!

Death By Chocolate from http://www.theladyokieblog.com/

{from The Lady Okie Blog} Sometimes you just need to gorge yourself through some rough parts of Valentine’s Day. Death by Chocolate is one way to go!

Heart Shaped Printables from http://www.earthwormsandmarmalade.com/

{from Earthworms and Marmalade} Keep your hands and mind busy today with heart-shaped printables that keep you on track at home!

DIY Love Birds Sign from http://letsdrinkcoffeedarling.blogspot.com/

{from Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling} Love is universal and not always of the romantic variety. Make a DIY love sign to brighten your home and heart!

Ginger Tea from http://www.ourneckofthewoods.net/

{from Our Neck of the Woods} Lastly, but not least, if your V-Day is a total flop, create a piping hot mug of Ginger Tea to detox from the day.

31 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. you have me at death by chocolate! Great post. I just realized you are on FB, so I’m a fan! xo

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my paper fortune cookies. πŸ™‚ Great post and a great focus on celebrating today because it is a day that we are alive and well, regardless of what the holiday is!

  3. Great post! I made myself the scarf, It is super easy and really cute! I get compliments on it all the time!
    My family always celebrated, my parents have always sent valentine’s its more than a relationship, celebrate loving your family! I mentioned you in a recent post of mine last week! xo

    • I love the scarf as well! I made it from an old, leftover shirt and get lots of compliments. It’s such a great DIY from Susannah. I love your family’s approach to Valentine’s Day. A day filled with love (of any kind) is a day to be celebrated!

  4. I celebrate the day by doing whatever the heck I want! Haha. Singledom suits me. Some days I swear I’m so accustomed to being alone that I’ve forgotten how to function in a relationship. #foreveraloneprobz. Yes, I also just hashtagged in my comment. I’m ashamed too. Maybe that’s why I’m still single ;] Thank you for all the good ideas!

  5. hey Caitlin, I was reading along thinking, well now there’s one well adjusted, great minded female and up pops my man bait! I am so flattered of course, but I do love your message~ pamper yourself, I am a big fan! Thanks so much and Happy V day to you!

  6. love it! one of the girls at the office, she and her bf agreed to spend no more than R20 on each other for Vday, he came to surprise her at the office parking lot, for all to see, with a bunch of paper roses he made himself. it was ssoooooo cute. it just added to the mood of the day. cute and silly and if you didnt’ have romantic love, at least you could bask in someone else’s happiness

  7. Ohhhh….loved all the pictures. Great job! My Valentine’s was like this: http://avantgardecoach.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/my-magical-week-valentines-day/
    I hope I shared inspiration here since I was totally inspired how Valentine’s #loveweek truly changed me.

  8. Have to share – my daughter and I made paper fortune cookie Valentine’s for her classmates! So. Much. Fun. (And far simpler than I anticipated.)

  9. I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my children and was happy to see other people enjoying the day. No one says you have to celebrate the tradition al ways.

  10. What fabulous inspiration!!! I LOVE Valentine’s Day and always have!

  11. Haha, I’m one of those people that’s kind of anti-Valentine’s Day. I’m not out bashing the day, I just don’t usually give it any recognition because I don’t like the pressure that comes with that day. I was working on v-day though and my husband was off and stayed home with the kiddo and when I came home they had the table ready for a candlelight supper and had made some heart streamers, so that was sweet.
    Thanks for sharing the mug DIY!

    • That is so sweet of your husband! What a wonderful surprise to come home to =)

      I’m with you, I tend to lean more toward ‘dislike’ when it comes to Valentine’s Day. But then I remind myself that I need to keep my mood good, because any day I’m alive, breathing… it’s a good day in the end.

      Happy to include the mug in this post! Such a cute, fun idea.

  12. I keep meaning to tell you how much I love this post but it wouldn’t let me comment from my phone when I read it originally! You are so sweet to include my scarf tutorial πŸ™‚

  13. So many ideas here that we could make all year round:) I love those fortune cookies, that’s such a cool idea! xx

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