Gratitude Lately.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” 
– Epicurus

Lately I’ve been grateful for…

Flowers Warm Inside the Greenhouse / from TheSirensTale.comThe warmth of a greenhouse that allows colors to brightly pop, hinting that Spring is around the corner.

Winter Bird on Feeder / from TheSirensTale.comWinter birdies who faithfully come for their breakfast every day.

Winter Milo / from TheSirensTale.comSweet feline friends who keep watch over the falling snow.

Muddy Walks / from TheSirensTale.comMuddy walks that lead to good places.

Spring Lambs / from TheSirensTale.comBaby lambs that kick, play, and bleat happily.

Winter Horse / from TheSirensTale.comFarm friends that brave the cold weather and leave the warmth of their barn for a pet and a chat.

Gifts from Defining Wonderland / from TheSirensTale.comExtremely generous giveaway gifts from sweet blogging friends.
{Thank you, Jessica!}

What have you been grateful for lately?

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50 responses to “Gratitude Lately.

  1. Wow, what a litany of blessings!

    • A blessing around every corner 🙂 I try to gather pictures of all the things I’m grateful for as the weeks pass. I haven’t done a ‘Gratitude Lately’ post since the end of January, so I had a lot to make up for!

  2. Great Post Caitlin! I love reading your blog 😀

    Here’s my gratitude list:
    -My wonderful hubby of 19 years-who puts up with my shenanigans
    -Our two smart, happy and healthy boys who I love to the moon and back
    -My parents & in-laws who provide endless amounts of love and support
    -My successful career as a Graphic Designer which pays
    me to be creative!
    -My wonderful and supportive friends who always know how
    to cheer me up!
    -Living in a city that has the four seasons 😉
    -My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gives me an endless well of hope
    -Being able to share my thoughts and stories via my blog as a creative and spiritual outlet to help others with similar issues.

    • Thank you so much! It sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for, I’m glad you shared that here 🙂 I love hearing about the support and encouragement other people have in their lives from loved ones and family members.

  3. lovely warm photos and sentiments.

  4. Aw I love the little winter birdie and your kitty! I’m grateful to be leaving rainy Seattle for sunny San Fran this week, yay! 🙂

    • Thank you Shannon! I’ve been spending {too much} time this winter watching the birdies outside. They’re so joyful no matter how dreadful the weather is.

      Yay for trips to San Fran! Hope to see lots of pictures on your blog of your trip 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  5. Very nice, and great pictures! You have had a lot of snow. We, in the Netherlands had none this year (which is strange, but we never have a lot). We have (low) summer temperatures – something to be very grateful for!

    • Thank you, Judith! We tend to get covered in snow every winter, but this winter has been unusually icy cold on top of it all. I’m glad that times are turning and spring is poking its head around the corner 🙂

      It sounds like I would love the Netherlands in the summer! Cool and comfortable temperatures? Can’t beat that!

  6. Your post proves that it’s all about attitude. You could be complaining about the mud but your thankful for where it leads you.

  7. Lovely shots and thoughts! Spring is definitely around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

  8. Love the quote and your pics! I am grateful that Spring is actually starting to show its face around here 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, such beautiful pictures!!! (And I love that quote- it’s such a perfect reminder). I love your blog 🙂

  10. I am grateful for my good health, because it hasn’t always been that way, and sometimes when I’m a little unwell, I’m reminded of how lucky I am.

    I am grateful for my natural crafty talents, and the time I have available to use them to make nice things for my family.

    And I’m grateful for the online community, with its wealth of shared information, and goodwill for each other.

    Thank you for the snow pictures! 🙂

    • Health is so important to be thankful for! I try to say at least once a day how thankful/grateful I am for my health, and for my loved ones’ health. I’m glad that you are doing well these days 🙂

      Such lovely things to be grateful for! Thank YOU for the warm, spring pictures!

  11. Gorgeous gifts.

    I love the lambs!

    Gratitude is so important.

  12. This is amazing. I can’t wait til things warm up a bit and all the animals are out at my aunt’s farm! I miss the lamby lambs ❤

  13. You are more than welcome, Caitlin! I gotta say, I wish I had some farm friends to enjoy, but I’ll have to settle with a loving little doggie instead. And for him, I am truly grateful!

    • We are still reading the fortunes every day… some of them are so eerily spot on, then others just crack us up! Love it 🙂

      And doggie friends are the best. My best bud is an almost 6-year-old yorkie/maltese mix that fills my heart!

  14. I love love love that quote! So good. All your photos are great, especially the little babies! Too adorable!

    • Isn’t that quote just wonderful? I get caught up in the things I don’t have {yet} and forget how I used to pray, hope, and wish for the life I have right now. It’s always good to remind ourselves to just stop thinking ahead and be thankful for the now.

      I loved the spring babies 🙂 I almost couldn’t tear myself away from them. They are filled with pure joy!

  15. That shot of the winter bird is gorgeous…..and the quote is a great one to keep in mind. Gratitude is always a wonderfully enriching practise 🙂
    Today I was grateful to have some time to dream….

  16. I love your gratitude lately posts. Those are wonderful. By the way, what an elegant display 🙂
    Have a wonderful day 😀 😀

  17. love the photograph of the birdie!

  18. The sunshine. We have missed it the past few weeks and it was back yesterday telling us that spring and warmer days are around the corner. With that sun, we had a breath taking sun set. A magical show in the sky filled with wonder and promise. Ahhh, makes a person feel good!

  19. That cat looks really surprised to have its picture taken.

  20. I love this serie of photos! I nodded my head and looked out the window at my front yard full of mud. It’s 65 today but I still have patches of ice embedded in the mud. Mother Nature has been quite grumpy this season, I’m looking forward to sunshine and pretty colors.

  21. You have a fabulous list of things your greatful for! Your pictures are amazing! 🙂

  22. Today I’m getting exactly what I need, so far from you and Michelle’s blog I have been given encouragement. Today I feel like giving up. It’s just one of those days you know? I have such a problem with comparing. It’s not healthy and it needs to stop. Being grateful helps with this monster, it really does. I love that Keri Smith. I was sent the best post card one day that was made by her and it inspired me. I did everything it directed me to do that very day. I bet that book is amazing! So thank you, thank you for reminding me to be thankful today. I even now wear a ring that reads “I promise to count my blessings” Even on my finger and I forget. Today anyway until now, when you reminded me. Love to you my friend. Love your friend Tracie P.S. the time change messes with me. I get tired then I get moody then everything falls apart. I’m gunna pick up the pieces and do something good today. At least one thing.

    • I’m glad you found some encouragement here, and I’m so sorry to hear you’re having one of those days. They’re terrible when they linger from sunrise to sunset, and all you want to do is feel a little better for a minute.

      It’s so easy to fall into comparison and suddenly overlook everything we have that’s good in our lives. I’m guilty of that more days than not. Taking steps each day to be grateful for all things in our lives helps with this; some days we win the battle, other days life does. I try to always remind myself: Comparison is the thief of all joy.

      There are better days ahead, and soon all of us will catch up with the changing times. It definitely makes everything feel off balance for a while! Sending lots of love!

  23. Man I am SO with you on the birds. I need to get a bird feeder for my yard. This winter I’ve fallen in love with them. I even included them in my post earlier.

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