Calling All Readers!

There’s nothing I love more than hearing from all of you… the readers! I started this blog as a journey in writing, and over time it has evolved into a space to share inspiration, writing, photography, and my passion: homesteading/farming.

I’ve noticed some trends lately when it comes to my published posts (which categories do well, what posts are most viewed/commented on, etc.) Instead of trying to piece together all these observations myself, I wanted to offer another reader survey!

Mark Twain Quote / from

It’s a brief survey, but I truly appreciate if you take a minute to fill it out! The feedback I receive from these surveys is endlessly important to growing this blog further, and taking it in new directions. Thank you!

11 responses to “Calling All Readers!

  1. Just completed the survey! It’s a great idea to get some feedback on what readers like to see. Hope it gives you some insight!

  2. strawberryletter22

    I like your writing style! Do check out my blog:)

  3. Done. 🙂 Love your blog Caitlin.

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