Antique Marketplace & A Slice of Humble Pie.

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
– Frederick Keonig

Oldies Marketplace / from

License Plate Wall / from

Awesome Stuff From the Past Antique Sign / from

The Ocean View / from

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Vintage Milk Bottle Delivery / from

Buoys By the Ocean / from

Antique Rooster Sign / from

A few weekends ago, my beau and I took a drive up to the North Shore of Massachusetts. It was an absolutely charming day, all thanks to Allie from 6,000 Miles to Home! After commenting on an adorable storefront photo in one of Allie’s blog posts, she recommended I take the trip to visit the large antique shop not too far from home.

While visiting the vintage marketplace, I served myself a slice of humble pie. My simple taste doesn’t want for much in life (outside of a home and land to call my own), but there are a few vintage collectables I secretly pine for. One of them? A vintage milk bottle delivery set.

Image my surprise when I spotted my dream set at the marketplace, with a price tag out of budget. I sported an unflattering boo-hoo face about the skipped purchase, even while knowing the money could and should go to needed things.

We left the marketplace without this beauty, but the day was perfect. On the drive home, I faced the realization that a materialistic item can’t make or break a day; the memories, laughter, and joy you experience within your day is all that matters. This slice of humble pie tasted good, and was a reminder I’m thankful for.

Do you like antiques / vintage goods?
Have you had a ‘humble pie’ moment lately?

35 responses to “Antique Marketplace & A Slice of Humble Pie.

  1. Wish I lived closer & could take a trek like this!!! Even though you didn’t get the (very cool) vintage milk bottles, I’m glad you had such a beautiful day anyway. (I love the blue skies & sunshine! That’s a perfect day in my book!)

  2. Sometimes it is enough to find treasure and let a photograph guard a memory. Sounds like a beautiful day.

  3. a delightful adventure too. Lovely photos!!

  4. Oh my…yes I love antiques…and just like you can’t afford many of them but we keep adding to our very odd collects…many things we have traded for and or traded hose work for…personally it is dishes that I fall for every time…I find most of my best finds at auctions and yard sales. Keep your eyes open you never know where a set like this will show up

    • I love collecting odds + ends too 🙂 That’s a great idea to trade work/other things for collectibles and antiques… I’ll have to try that once I have a house/land.

      Antique dishes are so lovely! So much care was put into making them… not like nowadays!

  5. I kinda wish I had that rooster. Of course my wife would hate it, but I think it’s awesome.

  6. Love this post. So true. x

  7. I find it soothing to touch, feel and be within the experience among vintage items. I think its the story that draws me to them. Nice post!

  8. I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster Award! Click below to check it out 🙂 x

  9. Yayyy you went! Thanks for the shout-out my friend! I do hate how adorable antique stuff can be so over (okay, sometimes fairly) priced. My new favorite antiques spot is the Alameda Flea Market out here in CA – but some of the best stuff is pricier than something you’d find at a Newbury Street boutique! You’ll find your perfect set of milk bottles someday ;).

    • Allie, it was AWESOME! I adored everything there and was pleasantly surprised by some of the prices. Some items were priced so reasonably (or even cheap!)

      If I ever make it out to CA, I’m going to add the flea market to my ‘to do’ list. That sounds amazing!

  10. Ooh yes, I love poking around in old vintage things. I have a small bottle collection, most of which was unearthed when we were renovating and adding on to our nearly-a-century old house. As for enjoying the experience, lately I’ve liked giving and getting gifts that are not things, but outings and events. You can make some wonderful memories that way. 🙂

  11. First off….love the Keonig quote! So very true and one of the reasons I’ve been doing the 100 Happy Days (which by the way I have decided to turn all those images into one poster with 100 picture squares to hang by my desk as a constant reminder of all the little things that make me happy).

    I’ve totally been where you were and eaten quite a helping of humble pie myself. I think the greatest triumph is always the reminder of WHY the item wasn’t purchased and what the larger and more rewarding prize will be when you have your dream farm! 🙂

    • Jess, your 100 day project poster is going to be amazing! What an awesome idea… I bet it will look great in your home 🙂

      And you’re so right about the bigger message I took home from the day! Lately I’ve been feeling frustrated with not spending any money. I’m not a big spender anyways, but I gave up my daily iced coffee and have been wearing out my clothes to the point of no return. It can feel frustrating to feel like I have “nothing” when I work so hard. But then I remember – I have what really makes you rich in life (love), and one day I’ll have that farm!

  12. The North Shore is lovely. I don’t collect vintage/antique goods (largely because I know it would just get out of control! I have that kind of personality), but I do like them.

    • It was definitely fun to go all the way up and see somewhere new in my home state. It’s easy to feel like you’ve seen and done it all in your home state, but there’s always a treasure to find somewhere 🙂

  13. talesofwhimsy

    What great pictures!

    Sorry about the humble pie.

  14. I really love that “Awesome stuff from the past” sign. It makes me smile. I know the feeling of coming across something that you fall in love with but is out of budget…you did make the right choice to leave them behind!

    • I’m with you, Rachel — I spotted the sign before we even pulled in the parking area, and it brought an instant smile to my face 🙂

      Thanks for the support in my decision! I would sure love to have the dairy set sitting in my living room, but that’s just another $60 away from buying a house!

  15. What a bummer that it was out of budget! Here’s hoping you find one in budget soon! 🙂

  16. I love your above quote! I really needed that. This time of year, I tend to get “greedy” and think about all the things I ‘want’ four our great outdoors. The winter and snow tends to make me forget about all that.

    I absolutely adore antiques! I am guilty of possessing many.. most of them are family heirlooms! Probably heirlooms no one else wanted 🙂 The rustier the better, here!

    • So glad that the quote was something needed, Kelly! I definitely have a hard time at different periods in the year with greed. I see all the photos of tropical vacations, new wardrobes, and big lots of newly purchased land. Then I remind myself that I’m working towards my dreams, and that takes sacrifice. Plus, you can only do what you can, with what you have, with where you’re at!

      Also, I love that your family passes down heirlooms! That seems to be a trend that is fading out. Rust just means well-loved 🙂

  17. Caitlin, if you ever get a chance you have to visit Hoffman’s Barn Sale in NY’s Hudson River Valley! You could probably find a set like that well within your budget. I got a vintage glass milk bottle for free on my last visit and we snagged everything for under $10.00.

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