Out With the Old, In With the New: Rebranding A Blog.

When I started The Siren’s Tale, I was desperate to reconnect with myself. After ten years of chasing degrees and climbing career ladders, I no longer knew myself. I was the student, the worker, the stressball.

One day while I was toying with ideas for a creative outlet, I came across a new spin on an old favorite word: siren. Instead of a mythical water goddess, a siren was “a lady of splendid promise, dissembled purpose and disappointing performance.” Back in 2011, this couldn’t have described my life more perfectly, and thus, The Siren’s Tale was born.

Fear of Shallow Living / from TheSirensTale.com

As I dove further into blogging, I began questioning who I was, what I was meant to be, and where I belonged. For awhile, I wanted to pursue writing. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore writing and cherish it as a creative tool I use daily. But it doesn’t ignite my heart, passion, and soul. Writing makes me happy, but it doesn’t keep me up at night, eager for the next day to start so I can return to it.

During this time, all the answers I was looking for were right under my nose. I foolishly overlooked all the signs that my heart led to farm animals, organic farming, and living off the land. It wasn’t until June of last year that I finally admitted my heart’s need to my family, friends, and most importantly… myself.

Lost in the Right Direction / from TheSirensTale.com

I’m still a siren, I’ve just changed. I am a lady of splendid promise, but my purpose is now defined and my performance? Well, that depends on the day. I’m on a steep learning curve for now.

I’ve outgrown this blog identity. The Siren’s Tale doesn’t hint towards what my blog is about: gratitude, living green, mindfulness, and learning lessons through life.

In the next month’s time, I’ll be making several changes on the blog:
* The name of the blog will change (I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the new name!)
* The URL of the blog will change
* The blog will no longer be hosted by WordPress; I’ll be self-hosting
* On the new blog, I’ll have Disqus, which will make commenting much easier for all users

Now, this is where all of you come in! Before I make these changes later in the month, I’ll be sending all my followers an email, letting you know the new blog location/URL, and different ways you can follow (email, Bloglovin’, RSS, Feedly, etc.)

Always Seems Impossible Before It's Done / from TheSirensTale.com

Up until these changes are made at the end of the month, The Siren’s Tale will still be doing it’s thang right here, so don’t run away just yet!

I won’t lie, I’m nervous about rebranding and relocating. I’ve met so many amazing bloggers over the past few years, and I don’t want to lose any for making the switch. If you’ve ever rebranded or relocated, I’d love to hear your experiences!

Also, I’m looking for recommendations for affordable blog designers or Etsy shops that offer header designs. I can get a little artsy and add in fonts, but I definitely need to find someone that can design the header’s images.

Have you rebranded your blog?
What advice do you have for rebranding and/or relocating?

47 responses to “Out With the Old, In With the New: Rebranding A Blog.

  1. I’m so excited for you, Caitlin! I will follow right over to the new blog. I can identify with your journey, even though our paths have been different; I too have been led to organic growing, living off my ‘little piece of’ land, and hopefully someday, animals. I look forward to seeing where each of our journeys takes us. 🙂

  2. Sounds like great things are afoot, and I look forward to following your adventures! I haven’t ever completely rebranded, but I guess I’ve always viewed my blog as a place for me to hang out and just write about whatever suits my fancy. I’ve gained and lost followers based on my moods and tendency to blog on certain subjects for a while, then stop — but that’s cool. You do you! 🙂 Everything will be great!

    • Thank you, Meg! I am really excited for the upcoming changes. Great way to describe blogging.. I’m sure that with my blog changing from overworked/stressed out career girl to carefree outdoor-loving lady, some people may walk away from it. And that’s fine, that’s life!

      On the positive side, I’m hoping with the new blog I’ll be able to meet even more like-minded people that are just looking to live a good life, and live freely! Thanks for the support 🙂

  3. Good luck with your new adventure! I look forward to seeing your new blog.

  4. What an exciting time for you!! I just emailed you, I’m a designer and work on blog headers all the time 🙂

  5. I’ve been thinking of rebranding too, I’ll be following your progress for sure!

  6. I’m keeping it at WordPress, but I’m in the midst of renaming and rebranding. It’s scary, I hope it’s the right thing.

    • You’ll do great! Especially when you’re staying within the same host (WordPress.com), the rebranding becomes a lot easier. Last summer I revamped my site by purchasing a premium package through WordPress, but I’m looking forward to self-hosting where I can have free reign over the design, widgets, etc. Looking forward to seeing your new site!

  7. Wow, how exciting! Looking forward to seeing the changes! We just did a lot of work on our website over the last month and I was SO excited about it. I think it’s normal to be nervous. I was terrified I was going to mess up the whole thing.. but it all worked out just fine 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have planned!

    • Thank you, Megan! I am so excited and nervous all at once! Your website looks so, so good 🙂 I was just thinking when I was there this morning that the new design/layout looks beautiful and the navigation is great.

      Thanks for the support!

  8. I’m sorry to say this to make your anxiety worse, but: so you won’t be on WordPress any longer? Ugh, every time someone leaves I follow and then end up eventually not getting any notifications and finding it too difficult to comment. I hope that your notifications will work better than all the other . . . . What is disqus BTW?

    • No, it’s okay! I know it’s going to be a transition since I’ve been on WordPress for the last 3 years. But no, technically I won’t be on WordPress. I will have a website that is powered by WordPress.org, but not WordPress.com :-/

      I promise that you’ll get notifications 🙂 When I am ready to launch the new website, I’ll be leaving a post here that explains the new website, all the ways to follow, how to get email notifications, social media notifications, etc. I’m also going to email each individual follower I have so you guys have all the information 🙂

      Disqus is basically a widget for commenting. On WordPress.com blogs, comment widgets are automatically built it. Having a comment widget built-in makes commenting VERY easy for all WordPress.com users, but let’s say someone is a blogger at Blogspot. They aren’t able to easily ‘sign in’ to leave a comment… in fact there isn’t really an option to even leave a link to their blog (they usually can only comment under their Twitter handle or email address if they aren’t a WordPress.com user). Disqus is a commenting widget that allows people to sign in and comment a variety of ways: through Disqus itself, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. Basically it just opens up the door for all bloggers to comment, no matter if they blog with WordPress, Blogspot, Typepad, etc.

      Hope this information helps! 🙂

  9. I haven’t been around WordPress or blogging for too long, but I’ve loved reading your posts. They’ve been a great inspiration as I feel I’m still trying to reconnect to myself too. I would love to follow your new blog when it’s ready! 🙂

  10. sounds like you are diving into a new adventure!! Lovely post and good luck!!

  11. This is so very, very exciting Caitlin! I can’t wait to see the “unveiling” and get to hear the new name!

    On a slightly different note, Would actually love to chat with you “offline” sometime on more specifics on what you guys are looking to do and share what we are wanting to do. Good to compare notes and see if we can swap resources, etc.

    • Thank you, Jess! I am biting my nails nervous, but I also am trying to tell my inner-perfectionist that it will go smoothly 🙂

      I’d love to chat with you too! My schedule is a little crazy during the summer (and I know yours is too!) Do you want to send me an email (thesirenstale@gmail.com) and let me know some good times / ways to communicate? We’ll get something set-up 🙂

  12. How exciting for you! Best of luck and I can’t wait to see the new blog and name.

  13. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  14. basildonkitchens

    How wonderful! I see life as an ever evolving entity….you are just proving me correct! I can’t wait to see “what’s next”…

  15. Don’t be afraid.. we’ll find you!! If I lose you.. come make a comment on my blog (anyone’s blog) and we’ll follow you back to your website.. that’s what I often do:) I’m soooo excited for you, I can’t wait to see your new name and you’re going to love being self-hosted!! I didn’t realize until after the formatting possibilities available with “plug-ins”, they’re almost like apps and let you add so many interesting components to your blog! Good luck!! xx

    • Thank you for the reassurance, Barbara… it means so much! I was thinking about what you mentioned — I tend to be very active in commenting on the blogs I read/follow, so hopefully if anyone gets lost during the switch, they’ll soon see my face/new blog name and come on over!

      I am so, so excited for the endless possibilities for widgets. WordPress.com doesn’t really allow much of anything, and they “build in” what they feel is right. It works for awhile, but not once you’re ready to spread your wings. WordPress.org, here I come!

  16. Congratulations to you – I’m very excited for you! I have not gone through rebranding so I can’t give you any advice but I will definitely be following and can’t wait to see your next adventure{s} unfold.

  17. Wow, you are making some big changes! I hope your new blog does well, Caitlin; it sounds like you have found a more suitable niche for your blogging interests. I will happily follow along. 🙂

  18. I think we may be kindred spirits. I have a passion for writing. I love to write fantasy novels but dreams of being a professional writer…ehh. Probably not. Ha. When I started blogging I had no idea how much I would learn about myself. Not to mention the process of raising dairy goats, chickens, ducks, and now bees. I have grown in so many ways and finally feel like I am becoming…me. Weird, but all of these years I was searching and I think I have found myself.

    • What a sweet comment! Blogging is such a great creative tool – I’ve read so many stories of men and women ‘finding themselves’ after getting lost in years of other pursuits. I am so, so excited to follow along with your adventures in agriculture 🙂

      And I can completely relate to what you’re saying. For years I’d slap a label on myself of what I was “supposed to” be – a psychologist, a nurse, a writer, etc. Once I stopped and really looked at what I wanted to be, and what I felt I should be, I was shocked to find it in farming. But the signs were there all along. Funny how life plays out through the years!

  19. That is so awesome! I too have been branching out more in the holistic realm and will be rebranding soon. 🙂

  20. How exciting for you. I’m sure it will be great. I will follow on over for sure. 🙂

  21. exciting news, caitlin!! finding and celebrating your true voice…

    {i pine away for disqus}

  22. talesofwhimsy

    Good luck. Sounds like you’re being very smart and proactive about the move. 🙂

  23. Best Wishes for the new space. Hope we will all be able to find you. I love the definition of siren as “a lady of splendid promise ….” Good luck lady of splendid promise.

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