Small Shops, Big Hearts {01}.

After introducing the concept of Small Shops, Big Hearts back in mid-April, the outpouring of support and interest in the project amazed me. Small Shops, Big Hearts began on May 1st; over the past month, I’ve introduced you to May’s shop owners through my social media pages.

I’m delighted to bring you the first month’s featured owners, along with my favorite goodies from their shops. Don’t forget to go check out all their amazing products!


Lisa, from Fresh Eggs Daily, started her shop because she hated throwing things out that were reusable. Her shop features several items for backyard farmers, chicken keepers, and for anyone who enjoys the country life. I adore her backyard farmer logo that can be applied to virtually anything, and is guaranteed to make you smile.

“Being a small business owner means that I have control over my hours and time. I spend many an evening in front of the TV packaging things up or getting products ready for shipment. I love that I can supplement our family’s income without leaving our farm.” – Lisa { blog / shop / facebook / twitter }


Hannah, of Hannah Rosengren Illustration, delivers illustrated prints, posters, and cards that are full of color, life, and compassion. She started her shop while in her last year of art school. Between the encouragement of an internship leader and her participation in a few local art fairs/shows, Hannah realized starting a small shop was the way to reach a bigger audience. Being a future farmer, my favorite item from Hannah is her Pinterest-popular ‘Save the Bees’ illustrated poster: a gorgeous design for a needed cause!

“Being a small business owner means putting my heart and soul into my work. This is the first year I’ve been able to illustrate and run an Etsy shop as my full time job and not a hobby. It’s been incredibly rewarding to be able to put the time and effort into my artwork that it deserves and to be my own boss with a flexible schedule. It means being responsible for all aspects of my business but also being able to dedicate more time to sketching, designing, and painting.” – Hannah { website / shop / instagram / twitter }


Rebecca, of Holland Homestead, has turned her farm and homestead into a small business that offers goats’ milk products to her New Hampshire community. Rebecca creates soaps and lotions from her farm goats’ milk, and offers her customers a customized order to meet their needs.

Rebecca was hard at work during the time of her feature; unfortunately, she was unable to give a statement about what it means to be a small business owner. { website / shop / instagram / twitter }


Sarah, from Yakawonis Quilling, delights in the unique art of quilling. Quilling is the art of taking long thin strips of paper and coiling, looping and shaping them into various designs. Through her shop, Sarah offers home decor, pillows, cell phone cases, and more showcasing her amazing talent at this delicate work. I immediately fell in love with the wavy steam patterns of Sarah’s coffee print.

For Sarah, being a small business owner means meeting the needs of her customers. “I believe that art is for everyone, and everyone deserves to have art in their life. It’s my goal to offer art at prices anyone can afford. That’s why most of my shop is prints and I’m open to more options, like pillows and phone cases.” – Sarah { website / shop / twitter }

– – – – –

Stay tuned to my social media pages… June’s featured shop owners will be starting on June 1st. You can also follow this feature on Instagram: #ssbhfeature.

Do you have a favorite small shop or business?
What handmade goods have you purchased recently?

8 responses to “Small Shops, Big Hearts {01}.

  1. Featuring small shops like this is such a wonderful idea! I love all of the “featured items” you chose – I’m going to go check them out! Thanks!

  2. Just pinned several items from the shops! This is a great series.

  3. What a useful blog post! These look wonderful.

  4. This is such a cool thing you’re doing! Looking forward to checking it all out!

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