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Small Shops, Big Hearts {Introduction}.

Ladies and gents, I’m really excited. You might even say straight up giddy!

While I’ve been pursuing my dreams I’ve come across so many touching stories of small shop/business owners. The dreams, hopes, and wishes poured in behind each handcrafted good inspires me.

This inspiration slowly evolved into an idea for a new feature on this blog: Small Shops, Big Hearts. I’d love if you took a moment to hear about this feature, and maybe even take part!

Small Shops, Big Hearts / Feature from TheSirensTale.com

What is Small Shops, Big Hearts?
Small Shops, Big Hearts offers an inside look to small shops/businesses and shares the tales behind the shop. I’m extremely passionate about sustainability and supporting handmade/local to you/from scratch goods. As I’ve been pursuing my dreams of becoming a farmer and homesteader, I’ve been inspired by others who have followed their dreams and would love to share their tales.

How does Small Shops, Big Hearts work?
Small Shops, Big Hearts will introduce your shop/small business to my readers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for 1 week. Throughout the week, I will either link your shop, share a tidbit of your tale, or link one of your products to help you grow your dreams.

At the end of each month, I will publish a post on the blog to discuss the 4-5 shop owners featured over the month. The post will share more of your tale, a graphic link to your shop, and my favorite item from your shop.

What types of shops/businesses can be featured?
Any type! Whether you sell kites by the beach side or paint masterpieces of landscape, I’d love to help share your dreams and shop. The only thing I ask is that your shop/business is your own, not one you consult for (Avon, Thirty One, etc.)

How much does the feature cost?
Small Shops, Big Hearts is free in honor of all the hard work, time, and money it takes to be a small shop/business owner.

How do I get involved?
Simply send me an email to let me know you’re interested! Or, if you have a friend/loved one who is a small shop/business owner and you believe they would like this opportunity, let me know and I’ll reach out to them.

{Keep your eyes peeled for this feature to start on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on May 1st!}