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Straight From the Readers’ Mouths.

I’m loving all the survey responses that have trickled in! The survey is still open, but I wanted to touch base on the feedback I’ve received so far.

How often do you visit The Siren’s Tale?
Most of you visit a few times a week, or when a new post pops up on your reader or Facebook. This was the most surprising result of all! I am so honored and thankful many of you check in a couple of times a week.

The blogosphere is a big world filled with endless inspiration, writing, photography, etc. Thank you for spending some of your time here each week, it means more to me than you know!

Wearing the Smile You Gave Me / from TheSirensTale.com

What are you favorite post categories?
The two most popular categories (so far) are Tales of Life and Photography. Tales of Love, Tales of Laughter, and Gratitude Lately all came in as close seconds.

Lately I’ve felt uninspired in my writing, but seeing these survey responses makes me feel invigorated. Get ready for more writing posts, photography, and gratitude!

You Wonderful Thing / from TheSirensTale.com

What are your least favorite post categories?
For this question, two categories tied as least favorite: Books and Homesteading. Honestly, I’ve been on the fence about the book reviews for a while. Based off these poll results (and knowing I can use the time on well-liked writing posts), I’m discontinuing book reviews on my blog.

As for homesteading, I sincerely apologize to any blog readers who aren’t thrilled about this category. However, it’s a brand new category and will be growing over time because it’s my passion. With house-and-land hunting on the horizon to start a farm, more information, posts, and photography related to farming, homesteading, and agriculture will be featured.

Is there something you wish you saw more of on The Siren’s Tale? Is there something you wish you saw less of on The Siren’s Tale?
I love all this individual feedback. Thank you to everyone who took time to write in! Many of you asked for more tales about my relationship and love, along with more tales about the future/goal planning. Keep your eyes peeled lovely readers, I will be doing just that 🙂

Even the feedback for what you want to see less of was positive! I heard encouragement to not conform to other blogs and to stay unique. One blog reader wanted to see less recipes; I only feature one recipe on the blog per month and don’t plan on increasing this too much. Feel free to just skip over the recipe posts when they come up!

Would you be interested in sponsoring The Siren’s Tale or becoming sponsor partners in the future?
Wow, so many of you answered yes or maybe. Thank you for the support! Pretty soon, The Siren’s Tale will become self-hosted. Once I am self-hosted, I plan on starting low-cost sponsorships to work closely with different bloggers.

Thank you again for all the feedback, and keep it coming! I value every word and response I receive. Y’all are simply the best.

Do you ask for your blog readers’ feedback?
Do you like blogging independently, or interactively with your readers?