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Facing Off With Winter Scrooge.

It seems like just yesterday when snow days were wished, hoped, and prayed for. The glistening white condensation pouring from an open sky meant a day off from school and hours of uninterrupted play in the backyard. The icy winds were ignored until you returned to the house with bright red, tingling skin. Winter offered a wonderland of ice forts, sledding, and played out adventures.

Peter Pan Quote / from TheSirensTale.com

I’m not afraid to admit that somewhere along the line as an adult, I became a dreaded winter Scrooge.

When the bitter winds blow in for the season, my nose stays scrunched for months, angry at the cold exposure and slippery conditions. After almost thirty years in New England, one would think I’d grow accustomed to the bitter cold winters, but instead I meet each winter season with a scowl and desperate desire for sunshine and spring.

Winter Scrooge / from TheSirensTale.com

During a weekend car ride to shake cabin fever, the question was finally presented to me from my beau: “What makes you so unhappy during winter?”

That small question led to a robust conversation filled with laughter and self-reflection. All of my reasons for hating winter seemed mute and senseless in comparison to the joyful, warm car ride. By the time we pulled into a parking lot, my cheeks hurt from smiling, but more importantly, the hypocrisy and shallow state of my attitude set in.

I have spent many winters worrying about my previous mental health clients making it through the night with no shelter. I’ve lain awake at night during winters, concerned for family members unable to heat their homes. Even more prominently, I spent several years of winters mourning the sudden loss of my boyfriend.

A season that was once spent seeking safety and wellness had turned into a shallow-based season full of complaints about personal wants, not needs.

Winter Weather Wheel / from TheSirensTale.com

The exposed state of my winter attitude was alarmingly embarrassing. And the realization that I had everything needed to safely traverse a winter {both physically and emotionally} humbled my heart.

Perspective is an ever-changing scope that can make us face the harshest of realities and the sharpest of truths. Perspective can also be skewed in times of blessing; former realities and truths from “harder days” are easily overlooked.

As much as Scrooge needed to learn the importance of Christmas spirit, this winter Scrooge needed to learn the importance of evolving perspectives. Through blessings and tragedies, no matter how life’s circumstances change over the years, hold on to all of your perspectives and you will never feel without.

How do you keep your perspectives “in check”?
How has your perspective changed through the years?