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An Ode to 30.

Yesterday was my beau’s 30th birthday. We met when he was 26, which now seems like a lifetime ago despite the short four year span. He seemed so much younger when we met, still with bright eyes to a new world all the while having the oldest soul I know. Now (and then), he’s such an amazing man. A man who makes me proud to not only call him my partner, but to know he is my best friend and greatest support.

And he’s the best fake cake eater I know.*

Our Love Collage / From TheSirensTale.com

Recently with my restless heart and cabin fever on the rise, my beau suggested a day trip to our future home area to meet some locals, check out the farming market in the early winter, and explore areas we hope to purchase our home and land in. He barely uttered the town’s name before I was buttoning up my jacket and grabbing a camera on the way out the door.

Stuck Behind Tractor / From TheSirensTale.com

Fall Corn / From TheSirensTale.com

Farm Sign / From TheSirensTale.com

Farm Sign / From TheSirensTale.com

Apple cider donut with a hot apple cider? Enter. Fall. Heaven.

Fall Reds / From TheSirensTale.com

Western MA / From TheSirensTale.com

Waterway / From TheSirensTale.com

Red Barn / From TheSirensTale.com

Huck in the Woods / From TheSirensTale.com

This sense of adventure and constant devotion to make me happy are just two reasons on an endless list of why he’s amazing. My life is simply blessed with Michael in it. Happiest of happy birthdays, my love. I can’t wait to unravel the next 30 years of adventures with you!

* I love cooking and baking. Every year I tell my guy I’m making him a homemade birthday cake. And every single year, I ruin the cake. Despite this, he still loads his spoon full, stuffs the horrible concoction in his mouth, and smiles through the taste. He’s just. that. good.