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Is This Thing On?

Over the past month, some wonderful bloggers have nominated me for two awards. Cue my need to look down, kick a pebble, and mutter ‘Aw, shucks.’ Gratitude is due, and it’s an anger-free way of sliding back into the work week. Now, where is my gold-encrusted microphone when I need it?

Best Moment Award

The lovely blogger from How NOT to Kill Your Parents nominated me for the Best Moment Award. The award is for “people who live in the moment. The noble who write and capture the best in life. The bold who reminded us what really mattered. Savoring the experience of quality time.

The award was received on my recent post, following the Boston Bombings, titled “Frozen in Time“. Thank you very much for the award; that post is especially important to me being a Bostonian. If you all haven’t popped by her blog, you need to – and be ready for a great laugh!

Super Sweet Blog Award

Jonathan from By the Mighty Mumford and Rachel from Racheve nominated me for the Super Sweet Blog Award. Thank you to both of you, especially being fairly new readers of The Siren’s Tale. Your kindness is truly wonderful and the award is so appreciated.

Now all we need is for the blogosphere to create a Best Reader Award so I can nominate all of you. WordPress, get your shit together and work on this. Pronto.