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Inspiring? Try Speechless!

Over the past year or so, anyone who has followed my blog knows I’ve struggled with confidence in my writing. I’ve worried about being unfollowed, I’ve questioned why I write, and hell, we all know I’m eternally passed for Freshly Pressed.

But secretly, I like my writing. Is that selfish or self-aware to say? Either way, I also understand that I, as a reader, like my writing; however, I, as a reader, have a very specific reader style.

That’s the issue with writing. What will wow the socks off of one reader will bore and irritate another. Because of all this, receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award means that much more right now. Rob from Seasons of Insanity nominated The Siren’s Tale for this award. Thank you so much!

Truly, thank you to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read my words. You all are the bees knees. And I take that term seriously!

very inspiring blogger award

The rules of receiving the award:

– Display the award on your blog
– Link back to the person who nominated you
– State 7 things about yourself
– Nominate 15 bloggers (15 seems excessive, so I nominated 7)

Seven about the Siren:
1. My back hurts terribly from shoveling four days straight. Damn living in New England during a blizzard!
2. I am addicted to my electric heater in the Winter. I bring it from room to room.
3. I often worry I will run out of years well before I’ve read all the books I crave to read.
4. I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day when I was single; now that I’ve been in a long-term relationship, I barely take notice of the day. Don’t be sad single Valentiners! It’s just a bunch of hooplah.
5. I like animals more than people. True story.
6. My dream job is to be a published author (not famous, just with a loyal reader audience). I would open a small newsstand/coffeehouse featuring art and writing of locals, including delicious bakery treats made by yours truly.
7. I need a muse.

And the nominees are…
1. That Mom Blog – Karen’s posts are always inspiring, especially for those of us looking to improve ourselves while juggling multiple roles in life.

2. retiredruth – Life in the 50’s and beyond – Ruth’s posts are filled with nostalgia, humor, and inspiration. A beautiful glance to a simpler time.

3. Green Door Hospitality – Kenley Leigh’s posts are always eye-catching and beautiful. Just the touch of inspirational beauty you need in your day.

4. LargeSelf – Cathy’s posts always inspire me to take deep breaths and remember the bigger picture in life. Her writing reminds us of daily miracles.

5. Chubby Madness – Elizabeth’s blog inspires me with every post. She takes the negativity that society throws at us, and shines back upon it with brightness, humor, and self-acceptance.

6. The Green Study – Michelle’s posts range in topics, but all have one common theme: inspiration. Every post makes my brain wheels start turning and before I know it, I’m off writing or daydreaming about new ideas.

7. big house, little prairie – When I first found Laura’s blog, I was filled with envy by her life on a farm. With every post, I am inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes, and amazed by the beauty she is surrounded by.