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{April} Month in Review.

April has been a busy and hectic month. My heart’s been pulled in so many directions and I’ve held on for the ride, smiling during the up’s and pushing forward through the down’s.

Just like the changing seasons, I’ve felt a change inside myself. With so many hopes and wishes in my heart, patience has not been my favorite virtue. Lately, life has offered a churning that leaves me with endless questions about my present and future.

But just like with the changing seasons, beauty always returns. Questions are answered. Fears are calmed. Hope is renewed.

Hello there, May. We’ve been waiting for you.

Greeting May 2014 / from TheSirensTale.com

April in review…

// Shared photography from a local sheep pasture found practically in my backyard

// Told the tale of my best friendship and tips to strengthen long distance friendships

// Began seedlings indoors to indulge my passion for farming and growing your own food

// Exposed the context behind recent Instagram photos and belly laughed at my silliness

// Appreciated moments for dreaming, strength, and laughter

// Announced a new community-building feature: Small Shops, Big Hearts {starting May 1st!}

// Celebrated our fourth anniversary and shared how to make lemonade when life hands you lemons

// Took a moment to focus on the most important party involved in blogging: the readers

What will you miss about April?
What are you looking forward to this May?