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The Siren’s Tale blog aims to empower and inspire thoughtful living. People too often spend their days in a fog, shuffling in and out of routines, blind to the beauty that surrounds them. The Siren’s Tale makes you stop, appreciate the moment you’re in (whether for a tale, laugh, or a piece of gratitude), then move forward through the day with new inspiration and thought.

{the lady behind the blog}

Hi there, I’m Caitlin! A later-20-something living on the East Coast of the United States. After a decade chasing college degrees and career ladders, I began this blog as a creative outlet to reconnect with myself. Writing and blogging pushed me to look at what happiness meant to me (and it was found in the most surprising of places). I’m now learning about agriculture, beekeeping, herbalism, and organic farming to begin my farm and homestead in the next year.

In the meantime, I spend my days chasing adventures with Michael (lovingly called ‘my guy’ and ‘my beau’), with an awfully adorable fur-little family in tow. And when I’m not knee-deep in loving this beautiful life, I take moments for writing, gratitude, photography, cooking/baking, and homesteading.

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58 responses to “About

  1. Hi Caitlin, I’ve nominated you for an award! Keep up the great content. 🙂


  2. We are far apart in age, but I like your writing. Thanks for finding me so I could find YOU!

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  4. That picture rocks! You look like you’re using a tropical leaf as a parasol – very siren-like!

    • Why, thank you! I thought it was quite siren-esque, so what better than for my blog? Now if only I can figure out a way to finagle that tropical paradise into my home (or at least my backyard).

  5. You have been nominated for the beautiful blogger award.

  6. chubbymadness

    I nominated you for three awards! Come check them out! Thanks for being an amazing writer and a beautiful person. I adore you and your blog! ❤


  7. Hi, I’ve been following you but not getting your posts, don’t know why!

    • Hmm… it says you subscribed 3 weeks ago, so any new posts should show up in your ‘Reader’. However, sometimes it’s easy to scroll past or miss a post through the reader. I believe you can sign up by email as well to get email notifications of new posts. I hope they start showing up soon for you!

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  9. I’m a fellow Caitlin (no one seems to spell it our way, have you noticed?) Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Our beautiful Gaelic spelling is definitely withering throughout the generations. I meet a lot of Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, and Katelynn’s. I adore our spelling! Thanks for the well wishes, they are much appreciated 🙂

  10. strong introduction. love this 🙂

  11. I am very excited to mosey on down through your blogs!

  12. Great intro. Awesome pic. Amazing hair. So jealous of your hair 🙂 Write on…

  13. I just found your blog through Freshly Pressed, and I love it! Your take on life is thoughtful, insightful, and hilarious. (Oh, and for those asshats who left less-than-nice comments on your Homesick post? Their comments say more about them and their problems than anything else. It was an awesome post, and it deserved nothing less than an enthusiastic high-five and a heartfelt “I can relate.”) Thanks for writing and sharing your musings with us! 🙂

  14. Hi there. Thank you for following my blog! I love yours. 🙂

  15. Hi Caitlin,
    Thank you for following me, I’m really happy to get a new friend :). i mean it :).
    You can call me Yuna.

  16. There is nothing like a wicked introduction
    and yours is perfection, oh and when I say
    wicked I mean in the positive sense, but if
    you decide to venture into my realm of the
    wicked and wonderful then you will surely
    know what I mean 🙂

    I am going to click on the follow option and
    rather naughty of me will add you to my blogroll,
    or should I say My Knaves 🙂 lol All will become
    clear later, well maybe? Anyway I will send
    you an invite after browsing so that if you fancy
    a bit of a stroll around my Space you can, and
    if not then don’t worry, just drop it into the Yuk
    Box for obliteration purposes, that sort of thing 🙂

    Wow my waffling gets worse and all I was going
    to say was that I figure that The Sirens Tale will
    be a wicked place to frequent, but in doing so I
    have quite fiendishly plugged my own Space 🙂

    Now that is what I call killing two birds with just
    the one stone, okay I am out of here, do have a
    fun weekend and call soon, if you like I mean? 😉


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  18. Hi there, just found your Blog on the WP reader and I am about to dive right in, will let you know what I think on a few posts.

  19. so very, very nice to meet you today! Thank you for your comment. I’m now a follower of your blog!

  20. Hi Caitlin!!
    I love your blog, it’s so fun connecting with people with similar likes! I have nominated you for the Liebster award, here is the link!

  21. You are so sweet! Thank you so much 🙂

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  23. A lovely blog! Best wishes with your farm..and your writing 🙂

  24. I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for this year! Continue expressing your heart out! \ 🙂 /

  25. So I guess you had a sneaky look at my offerings then Miss Caitlin… and now you have just become the latest member of The Spikey’s, that small clan of folk known to be followers of Uncle Spike 🙂

    Thank you… I really appreciate that as I for one, know how many interesting and entertaining blogs are out there.

    My aim is to deliver an eclectic offering of posts, from my ‘point n shoot’ attempts at photography, to the sharing of my travel adventures since the 70′s, as well as day to day happenings on the farm. Oh, plus a few observations on life as I see it. Of course, if you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear from you, serious. In return, I promise not to be overbearing with perhaps 2-3 posts a day tops.

    Thanks again for your vote of confidence, and hope you have a great day…


  26. betternotbroken

    It is still awards season, I have nominated you for an award as well, http://betternotbroken.com/2014/03/15/if-anyone-is-versatile-it-is-me/

    Will that tale do for now? You are appreciated.

  27. Hi Caitlin! I recently received a Liebster Award, and I realise your blog is probably a little bit big for this award now, but nonetheless I have mentioned you in my list of nominees, to introduce my readers to your wonderful blog. 🙂

    The award post is here: http://simplecraftylife.com/2014/03/24/im-honoured/

    Please only accept if you really want to, I won’t be at all offended if you say ‘no thanks’ 🙂

  28. Hi Caitlin!! I enjoy your work, and appreciate the thought and effort you put into it. Thank you for taking the time to come over to my blog from time to time! Here is the Liebster Blog Award for you and I hope it brings you many more followers! For the details,


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